2 arrested during Kyle Rittenhouse trial protests

2 arrested during Kyle Rittenhouse trial protests

On the second day of jury deliberations in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, which has been divisive from the start, tempers flared outside the Kenosha County Courthouse on Wednesday, Nov. 17.

According to Kenosha Police, two people were arrested following an incident outside the courthouse. It includes a 20-year-old man and a 34-year-old woman. When the jury’s deliberations ended around 4:30 p.m, most protestors went home. But before that, at around 3:45 p.m., arguments between protestors turned physical, and two ended up in handcuffs.

Why were the two people arrested during the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial?

Punches were thrown outside the Kenosha County Courthouse resulting in the arrest of two people: the man for battery, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and the woman for disorderly conduct. The cops came up and grabbed a guy because of the disturbance and took him away. 

Ransbottom witnessed the entire incident and stated that people on both sides of the debate did not condone what occurred. It was more the group itself that was upset that it happened. It’s not like they were overjoyed when the violence occurred. They didn’t. They were attempting to prevent it from happening, which was kind of nice. Gun control advocates and others are supporting Rittenhouse, who arrived in Kenosha at the age of 17 with a rifle he couldn’t afford on his own. In this homicide trial, the future of the now-18-year-old is at stake.

Others hope that the length of deliberations demonstrates that the jurors are taking this case seriously and will result in a just verdict for the men who were shot and killed. Others hope that their presence will keep people’s tempers from erupting. As dozens of people await a judgment, they are divided into two camps in the case, with some standing quietly. And others attempting to raise their voices above the din.

2 arrested during Kyle Rittenhouse trial protests

As the clock struck noon on Wednesday, the question of how long the deliberations had lasted echoed throughout those following the case. They are taking the time necessary to ensure that they come away with a just and right verdict. At one point, demonstrators fell silent as they listened to the judge, prosecutors, and the defence argues over a jury question.

When will the Verdict for the Kyle Rittenhouse trial be made?

They’re hopeful that the jury will pay close attention to the most crucial evidence, the video. Millions of people across the country have seen the video evidence. People have been drawn to the case from near and far. Emily Cahill of Plainfield, Illinois, came to Wisconsin to support Kyle Rittenhouse and defend the Second Amendment.

What happens tonight probably has nothing to do with the prosecutor’s incompetence, Rittenhouse’s guilt, or anything else. It’s perhaps because people are just done. 

People were asked to be patient by attorney Kimberley Motley. She represents Gaige Grosskreutz and Joseph Rosenbaum’s estate, the men who were shot and killed. They have to let them do their job. What matters most is that the public waits. I mean, there’s so much nefarious behaviour going on. Their clients are under threat. They’re under attack. The judge is under threat. It’s a farce. Just let what happens in court happen in court. Allow these jurors to make their own choices about Kyle Rittenhouse.

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