Chinese retail stores are giving huge discounts on iPhone 11 Smartphones as the country is making rapid recovery from moths-long Covid-19 Pandemic.

The recent price drops come as the company is struggling to boost its sales after the spread of Covid-19 virus globally and number of Chinese tech companies have rolled out their 5G enabled devices in the market.

According to the news published in Reuter, Chinese stores are offering the 64Gb variant of iPhone 11 a discount of 500 Yuan’s from its listed price of 4,999 Yuan’s or $707.54.

In the same way, Chinese stores are also giving discounts on the 64GB variant of iPhone 11 Pro Max of 1600 Yuan’s from its listed price of 7499 Yuan’s or $1,061.38 in total.

The other popular eCommerce Vendors are also offering similar price cuts in different variants of iPhone 11.

Earlier in 2019, the company also offered major discounts on different variants and models of iPhones in Chinese Stores to face weak growing demands in China. Apple’s Boss Tim Cook confirmed that the price cuts help the company to cover its financial losses by boosting sales.

Earlier in February, the Apple Boss Cook warned potential investors that the company might not be able to meet its financial goal for the coming quarter due to the interruptions of the Chinese Consumer demand and supply chain.

According to China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), Us has shipped fewer than 500,000 units of smartphones in China that month.