The Government of Italy is working on introducing the App that would help the health care professionals of the country to easily trace the person contacted with the Coronavirus Novel virus. The latest Government effort aimed at to gradually lift the imposed month-long lockdown of the country, which has struck the country hard since last 2 months.

It is worth mentioning that the use of digital technology and Smartphone Apps has been widely used in certain Asian Countries to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic, but this practice hasn’t been successfully in Europe so far due to privacy and data abuse violations.

According to Reuters, the Italian innovation Minister Paola Pisano has confirmed that Italian Authorities are indeed working on a Smartphone App and the launching of the App would also raise serious issues of privacy and data control and these issues have to be resolved before the actual launching of the App.

The Italian Minister has further said that the proposed App would act as the wider monitoring and support system. He also clarified that the App would function on a voluntary basis and the Govt has to define its limits to meet all the requirements.

Italy, one of the countries badly struck by COVID-19 pandemic, has witnessed more than 17,000 fatalities in just one month.

Different capitals of the world, struck by COVID-19 Pandemic, are finding out of the box solution and to lift the lockdown and sent people to their jobs to revive their struggling economies back to track.

Interestingly, Italy has launched a remote medical support App back on 24 March, which has received tremendous applause from the different segments of the society. The Government has also received several proposals, which are currently in the phase of evaluation.

Important to mention that Technology Experts from 18 European Countries, including Switzerland, Germany and France, are collectively working on a platform that would be based on strict European Data Privacy rules and it supports the Bluetooth-based contact tracing apps.