Balanced Health Botanicals, a family of hemp-dried CBD brands, has announced on Wednesday April 29, 2020 that the NSF International has registered the company with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). According to the details released by the PR News Wire News Agency, the NSF International has accredited the company due to its proper facilities, methods and control to products dietary supplement products.

This NSF recommendation is considered as the significant achievement by the company as its manufacturing standards and methods are backed by the trust and confidence of NSF International.

The Balanace Health Botanicals owned one of the largest hemp-derived CBD markets in the world. The company is known to bring the highest quality CBD products to the masses at an affordable rate by following all international manufacturing standards.

Chief Executive Officer of Balanced Health Botanicals, Chase Terwilliger said, “As leaders in the CBD space, we are committed to doing all that we can to deliver superior products.”

“We implement protocols and procedures to ensure our customers have full trust in the safety, quality and manufacturing of every product we produce. We are thrilled to have earned this milestone achievement,” Balanced Health Botanical CEO Chase Terwilliger further added.

The NSF Good Manufacturing Practices were developed in the recommendation of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, which deals with the manufacturing, packaging and distribution channels of Dietary Supplement.

Managing Director, Health Sciences Certification at NSF International, David Trosin said, “The GMP mark indicates that an NSF International auditor has entered a facility, checked the documents and deemed the facility compliant with GMP regulations for production.”

“We’re very pleased to grant NSF GMP registration to this Balanced Health Botanicals™ manufacturing facility,” MD Health Sciences Certification at NSF International David Trosion said.