Oyster has announced that the company has appointed Miranda Zolot as the company’s new General Counsel. According to the details released by the company, the company’s newly appointed General Counsel, Miranda Zolot, would be the company’s new counsel and Human Resource veteran and she will utilize her years of experience to oversee the company’s legal platform strategy and as well as the regulatory requirement for the Oysters platform.

Oyster is a startup company dedicated to fixing the broken hiring model. The company’s newly appointed General Counsel, Miranda Zolot, has got years of experience in in-house legal counsel and professional employment organizations with over 20 years of experience.

Before joining the Oysters, Miranda Zolot served at the post of Vice President and Associate General Counsel at publicly traded Human Resource Company, TriNet. She has also got years of experience by serving as both legal liaison for product and technology.

Chief Executive Officer of Oyster, Tony Jamous said, “We’re thrilled to have Miranda join our team as we work to solve the complexity of cross-border hiring and mitigate legal and compliance risk for our customers.”

“Not only does Miranda bring two decades of legal experience to our organization, but her unique skill set overseeing technology platforms, coupled with her passion for people, will ensure our organization succeeds in building the future of work for employers and employees alike,” Jamous further added.

Sharing her thoughts over the new appointment, the company’s new General Counsel, Miranda Zolot said, “My passion is helping enable others to do what they love – and as a remote employee myself, I’m very excited to work with Oyster to bring their vision of global remote work enablement to life.”

Through Oyster’s platform, I hope to make it easier for talented workers and expanding companies to succeed together by unlocking the employment laws of the world,” Zolot continued.