Airway Therapeutics has announced on Wednesday that the company has joined hands with the Celonic Group to produce recombinant protein AT-100, which is a therapeutic candidate against Covid-19 pandemic. According to the proposed partnerships between the two companies, the Celonic Group would be chiefly responsible for manufacturing and process optimization of human recombinant protein AT-100 for clinical study. The mass production of the AT-100 therapeutic candidate against Covid-19 pandemic is expected to begin in June 2020.

Chief Executive Officer and President of Airway, Marc Salzberg said, “AT-100 has shown great potential in addressing the inflammation and injury caused by serious respiratory diseases driven by infection but has never been produced for larger-scale clinical trial indications.”

“Airway has dedicated significant time and resources to develop a manufacturing process for AT-100 – leading the path to clinical development. Given the urgency of the current pandemic, I am thrilled to establish this collaboration with Celonic, a leader in biologic manufacturing, to increase the scale of our production capabilities with the potential to meet the needs of patients,” Marc Salzberg further added.

CEO of Celonic Group, Konstantin Matentzoglu, Ph.D., said, “At Celonic, we are excited and proud to work with Airway and join the fight against this worldwide pandemic.”

“AT-100 has the potential to be a lifesaving treatment for COVID-19 patients until a vaccine is available, especially for those who are very seriously ill and in intensive care. Together, we have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of patients at this time of great need,” Konstantin Matentzoglu further added.

Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Airway, Alan Wolk said, “I am proud of the combined team who worked tirelessly over several months to transfer the AT-100 manufacturing technology to Celonic in order to produce a scaled, GMP batch for clinical study in COVID-19 patients.”

“Airway is inspired, engaged and enthusiastic to contribute in the effort to overcoming the pandemic through the therapeutic potential of AT-100,” Alan Wolk further added.