The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) has announced that the company has collaborated with the CSL and The University of Queensland to accelerate the development of Covid-19 vaccine for the patients suffering from the pandemic.

CSL and CEPI have further added that they will provide the financial assistance for the development of the Covid-19 vaccine. The funding would help the other partners to continue their focus on the development of vaccines.

Chief Executive Offcier of CEPI, Richard Hatchett said, “This significant partnership between CEPI, UQ and CSL is an important milestone in the development of UQ’s promising COVID-19 vaccine candidate. The partnership will enable the rapid development of the vaccine candidate through clinical trials, and by investing in large-scale manufacturing capacity now, we can reduce the time needed to deliver millions of doses of the UQ vaccine to those who need them most if it proves to be safe and effective.”

Chairman of CEPI, Jane Halton said, “This is an important step forward in our battle against this virus. We know that the only way to beat this pandemic is through collaboration, across countries and also across sectors. We also know that we cannot afford to wait until we know whether a vaccine works before ensuring we can produce it at scale.”

“This partnership will benefit enormously from CSL’s experience and capabilities in vaccine development and large-scale manufacturing, which is why this is such an important development. If this vaccine is successful, the partnership model we have established will enable CEPI to provide a significant number of doses to the COVID-19 Vaccine Global Access Facility for those who need them most, while allowing CSL to fulfil its own long-standing biosecurity commitments,” Chairman of CEPI Jane Halton further added in his statement.