General Electric now can manufacture silicon carbide (SiC) devices and modules for its power electronics as II‐VI Incorporated which is a leading company in compound semiconductors has announced the signing of an agreement with General Electronics to give GE’s technology section a license which allows the companies to legally manufacture silicon carbide and different modules.

The demand for SiC-based power electronics has increased following the increased growth in electric vehicles on roads, renewable energy, demand of microgrids, and power supplies becoming necessitate for data storage and communications industry. While SiC based power electronics have potential to impact on the environment positively as it significantly reduces the carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption.

II-VI Incorporated Chief Executive Officer Dr. Vincent D. Mattera, Jr. said II-VI Incorporated has plans to keep its focus on executing its recently announced plan to scale its capacity of 150 mm SiC materials to up to 5-10x while scaling volume production of a differentiated 200 mm materials technology to meet the growing demand expected for the next five years.

He commented further, “We believe that SiC-based power electronics materials and components will become increasingly deployed in electrification systems including, for example, in electric vehicles, industrial infrastructure, and large datacenters, and so we continue to invest to position II-VI in strategic points of the evolving supply chains to enable key customers.”

President of GE Aviation Electrical Power Systems, Joe Krisciunas said “We’re excited to enter into this agreement with II-VI, which positions II-VI well to capitalize on the growing market demand for SiC-based electronics.” He further added that they “will broaden GE’s commercial reach beyond the industry sectors we already serve with SiC technology.”

GE and its industrial branches along with aviation business is working on developing next-generation silicon carbide product for upcoming applications. It works on electrical power products that has different power capacity levels from kilowatts to megawatts for harsh environments in aerospace, industrial, and military applications.