Atos along with the Wellcome Genome Campus, unveiled a global HPC AI & Quantum Life Sciences Centre of Excellence in Cambridgeshire, UK, in order to provide the access to emerging HPC, AI & Quantum technologies to the organisations, global genome and bio-data institutes worldwide connected with Campus.

Life Sciences Centre of Excellence of Atos prominent for digital transformation will embellish the existing Genome Campus compute facilities by providing access to leading-edge technologies like Quantum, topnotch Computing and AI with Atos supported products, services and expertise in these sectors. Atos experts will collaborate directly with genome and biological data research scientists to help boost Life Sciences discovery and innovation.

Researchers and technologists worldwide in the Atos sponsored Centre will research the various usages of technologies such as Quantum, advanced Computing and AI with the provision of a broad range of activities such as concept production with proofs, innovation workshops, courses and conferences.

“I am delighted that Atos is joining our Campus community, delivering greater insight into biodata at superior speeds and efficacy will lead to innovative new methodologies and products, as well as reducing the research-to-product development journey creating a significant positive impact for the various areas of life sciences”, said Dr Julia Wilson, Associate Director, Wellcome Genome Campus.

“With significant development plans in place Atos will quickly become a valuable partner within our Campus community. Now is the time to power our research through the applied use of innovative technology that could greatly advance biodata research. This will lead to greater opportunities to translate research into tangible societal benefits”, added Dr Jo Mills, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre Manager, Wellcome Genome Campus.