Sports Venues of Florida, Inc., (BTHR) a small cap company, along with its wholly-owned subsidiary, Shadow Gaming, Inc. is looking to expand its Tournament Schedule rapidly in the calendar Q3 2020 as the company has announced about the launch of its new Open Platform at eSports and preparing to expand its Tournament Q3 Schedule. In this expanded schedule users could set up and manage the Shadow Gaming sponsored eSports events.

BTHR’s Shadow Gaming which is rapidly gaining a strength in the global eSports space is going to launch two tournaments in July, six tournaments in August, and twelve tournaments in the month of September. The company of company eSports, youth sports, and family sports entertainment markets expects its monthly tournament offering will have similar pace of growth during Q4. The Company has goal of reaching sixty tournaments per month by May of next year which it revealed in June 17 announcement.

The company will start its expanded schedule on August 2020 with series of Shadow Gaming events, with newbies like Trine, Tower fall Ascension, Hollow Knight, Shovel Knight, Cup Head, Yacht Club, Insurgency, Minion masters, and Verdun.

BTHR Founder and Chairman John V. Whitman Jr. said on this moment “We are ready to accelerate our growth curve in terms of visibility, tournament schedule pace, and membership model, simultaneously driving active users and revenues through our new open platform model.”

“People around the world have been deprived of traditional sports entertainment. Gaming has never been as popular as it is right now. We are seeing a convergence of technology and circumstance that suggests, based on our analysis, that the eSports boom is riding a rising tide that is still in its very early innings, but already represents a billion-dollar industry. Our unique model and increasingly visible brand have created an extremely promising foundation for Shadow Gaming and its positioning in that boom.”