Leicester’s Player Nemani Nadolo joined the camp of Racism accusers and accused the support of casual racism following a comment on social media. Leicester has announced the signing of 5 new players, including Nadolo’s friend Fijian Kini Murimurivalu.

A facebook fan has comment, “Great signings but please can we have some players with names we can pronounce lol.”’

Nemani Nadolo said, “I don’t stand for this, I’m calling it out for what it is … casual racism. It’s just a shame it’s from a supporter of my club! Our name isn’t good enough??”

“A comment made on the signing of my mate Kini Murimurivalu by one of the supporters.. sorry but I don’t stand for this s**t … I’ll let head office know tomorrow to change my name to Bob to make it easier for some!.. oh yeah I bet it was a joke too,” he added.

Leicester issued a statement, “Rugby prides itself on being an inclusive game for all and as a club we do not condone any form of discrimination. The club has a proud record of combining local players with signings from other parts of the world and we are certain that the Tigers Family will, as always, warmly welcome all of the new signings to the city and county, as we saw with the overwhelming majority of comments this week.”

Beaumont said, “He was a great rugby player and a great all-round sportsman,.He will be very much missed as someone whose generous spirit and outstanding athleticism graced our sport.”

Argentina, South Africa and Australia are all set to travel to New Zealand for a scheduled Rugby Championship.

Jurie Roux said, If we do that there will be no time for other internationals, and in any case the northern hemisphere has been clear that they want to complete the Six Nations and then play a tournament with Japan and Fiji in that period.”