For the rapid advancement in quantum computing and strengthening the ties between U.S. and Japan in the rising but a susceptible field, International Business Machines Corp IBM established a research partnership with Japanese industry.

According to this Quantum Innovation Initiative Consortium, a new group of Japanese companies will gain cloud-based access U.S. quantum computers of IBM. Toshiba Corp and Hitachi Ltd are also the group’s members. The group will also be able to utilize a quantum computer called IBM Q System One, which IBM is looking to tack in Japan during the first half of next year. The consirtium is aimed to increase Japan’s skill base in quantum and allow the partcipating companies to discover and make uses for such technology.

IBM aims to double the power of its quantum computers every year and expects to make a service system that could power the corporations’ operations behind the scenes. Quantum computers are dependent to superconductivity which requires the temperatures close to absolute zero, making a technical challenge in developing viable systems.

The coaction on Quantum Innovation Initiative between the U.S. IBM and Japanese tech firms will be established at the University of Tokyo. The Japenese firms and businesses Toyota Motor Corp, financial institutions and chemical manufacturers are also the part of this mission.

IBM and the university signed an agreement last year for more co-operation in quantum computing which purposes to supersede today’s supercomputers by depicting the properties of sub-atomic particles.

The partnership is inline with aim of United States and its allies to compete with China in the field of developing quantum technology which will also accelerate the advancement in related fields like artificial intelligence, materials science and chemistry.

Seprately IBM announced in September last year to establish a quantum computer in Germany and also partner with the country’s applied research institute like it directed for Japan.

IBM Research Director Dario Gil said in a stetement they’re trying to build a quantum industry and added, “It’s going to take these large scale efforts.” Mr. Gil said “We have to recognise quantum is an extremely important, competitive and sensitive technology and we treat it as such.”