The under 20 Canadian sneaker entrepreneur is inspiring other rising entrepreneurs all across the globe with his growing brand Woiair. It is an acknowledged truth that among the commercial businesses which might be these days been on a regular upward push and boom pedestal were industries which might be run via way of means of the abilities and skills of youngsters globally. Even different businesses were welcoming towards these young skilled minds for their newness and innovative thoughts they provide on their platter, proceeding to take the businesses by storm across the respective industries. Mohammad Edris Hashimi, aka Idrees Kickz, is a teenager who has successfully been achieving his desired goals in business and has risen at the top of the business world as an excellent entrepreneur at only 19 years of age.

This Canadian entrepreneur commenced his adventure in business at 13 years and has also always looked out for opportunities to make it huge in the e-commerce world. His natural love and ardour for shoes and footwear first took him towards the e-commerce world and made him a sneaker reseller, making him earn tremendous profits through reselling modern-day, and contemporary editions of prominent sneaker brands.

Making millions under 20 is Idrees Kickz with his multiple online businesses

What commenced as an interest or a side hustle for Idrees Kickz quickly was a career for him in which he immersed himself totally into the e-commerce industry. Soon, he created his brand ‘Woiair’ while he was only 16 at that time and that’s these days growing enormously throughout the online space globally, making it huge in all its niches it deals with including sneakers, digital space, real estate and merchandise.

As a youngster in sneaker entrepreneurship, Idrees Kickz has constantly labored to make enormous income however additionally has targeted on offering the best high-end products to customers, which has helped him earn a renowned name in the industry. His urge to explore many different sectors, helped this hustler to dive into different portfolios to lead towards more success with his brand Woiair.

Being under 20, Idrees Kickz introduced four online businesses through his brand Woiair. One is Woiair Sneakers, which has been reselling the best and the most comfortable sneaker brands to customers, looking after their fashion quotient. Second is Woiair Merchandise, which is about selling modern-day and fashionable clothing. Woiair Real Estate would be dealing with promoting contemporary and luxury homes and spaces. And, lastly, Woiair digital agency that would be working towards taking people and brands gain more leads, profits and presence in the online world.

Idrees Kickz is already a millionaire who is increasing his businesses to become one of the most sought-after and inspirational business owners of Canada under 20. One can get connected with him on his social media handles like Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/TikTok/YouTube @idreeskickz.