Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

In a recent update, Google introduced support for Apple TV applications and Apple TV+ streaming services, which means that users can watch Apple’s original dramas on Google hardware. The search giant announced in December last year that the Apple TV application will land on its set-top box devices in early 2021. This Thursday, Google fulfilled this promise and announced the opening of Apple TV support for global Google hardware.


Chromecast with Google TV users will be able to browse Apple’s original content in its recommendations and search results . Users can also use Google Assistant to open Apple TV applications or play Apple original content, and can add Apple TV+ content to the Google Watchlist list.


Google said that these features will be launched globally in the “next months”, but did not give an exact timeline. In the tweet, he wrote: “The Apple TV app has finally landed on Chromecast with Google TV.”


The company launched a $150 Chromecast with Google TV device in September 2020. Although its function is similar to the Chromecast hardware of the past, the new device adopts a new dongle-like design and is equipped with a remote control.30 million subsidies help small and medium enterprises break through the cold winter

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