Tesla OTA upgrade adds emergency auto-save function of driving record video

The most essential function of the driving recorder, in addition to clear recording, also has an automatic emergency save function. After all, the writer is equipped to restore the emergency in the event of an accident.

If such an emergency video can’t be saved automatically or even overwritten and lost, it can only be said that such a recorder is not reliable enough. After all, the current stall dash cam for 100 yuan sold online has an automatic emergency storage function.

Today, with Tesla’s announcement of an OTA upgrade, its driving recorder is one step closer to reliability.

On August 21, Tesla announced an OTA upgrade through its official WeChat public account, saying that many functions of the new firmware version 2021.24.4 were specially developed by the Chinese software R&D team based on feedback from Chinese users.

Among them, the new automatic save function of driving record video in emergencies is added. After the vehicle is turned on, it will automatically save the driving recorder video to the local when an accident is detected. Tesla also reminded us that the recorder video will only be saved locally and not uploaded to Tesla.

The introduction of such a feature by Tesla is also a compromise that countless car owners have been pitted for numerous times before changing back.

Earlier, many car owners reported that the video on the dash cam disappeared strangely after their car crashed, and it was suspected that Tesla had gotten the black hand in the background through the cloud.”

In this regard, Tesla explains that Tesla’s automatic driving recorder does not have an automatic save function. The vehicle’s driving recorder video will be overwritten if you do not click Save after a collision.

I have to say that such a function is against Chinese consumers’ habits. Today, as Tesla’s OTA updates the auto-save part of the vehicle’s dash cam, there will be fewer such incidents in the future.

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