cave shake net worth
cave shake net worth

Cave Shake Net Worth Founder And More

Cave Shake: The ketogenic diet is without a doubt one of the most popular dietary fads of the last few years. Unlike other diets, this one allows you to eat all the fats you want. As a result, it has become a household name.

In a nutshell, it’s a way of eating that doesn’t make you feel deprived in any way. In Season 10 of Shark Tank, Cave Shake, a firm that makes delicious, creamy drinks based on the Keto diet, arrived.

Who is the Founder of Cave Shake?

It all started with longtime friends Hollie and Billie, who wanted to tinker with Keto diets. Dairy, carbs, sugar, and gluten were all avoided in the creation of these delectable smoothies by the duo. Paleo and Keto dieters can now enjoy Cave Smoothie’s Keto shake as a meal replacement, which is one of the category’s pioneers. What sparked their interest?

The founders, Holly Heath and Billie Cavallaro, were convinced that Paleo-Keto diet was good for you After competing in extreme sports like ski racing, Billie noticed that the diet helped him recover more quickly and with less discomfort. Holly explained how she was injured in a car accident and in agony, and she believed that a Paleo-Keto diet could help her.

Cave Shake Before Shark Tank


Cave Shake’s creators, Billie Cavallaro and Holly Heath, came up with a low-carb, dairy, gluten, and sugar-free shake a few years ago. They were making use of their own knowledge and creativity to keep one step ahead of one of the most well-known dietary crazes in recent memory: the Keto diet. If making a miraculous drink without sugar, carbs or dairy wasn’t enough, they gave it a clever name: Cave Shake, a nod to the drink’s Keto and Paleo constituents.

Although the diet smoothies were initially marketed solely in California, there are plans to expand distribution to other states for Cave Shake, which retails for $7.99 per jar. A Coca-Cola-affiliated incubator, LA Libations, partnered with the company in exchange for 15 percent ownership. In addition to being a meal replacement, the drink can also be utilised as an afternoon pick-me-up or a sweet treat.

In Season 10, Episode 4, Billie and Holly ask the Sharks for help with their delicious diet drink. Their asking price for a 10% ownership in their company is a substantial sum of $250,000 dollars.

How much is Cave Shake worth now?

The proprietors of Cave Shake predicted that their year-end sales would total $750,000 at the time of filming. That Whole Foods distribution launch they were counting on eventually got done. Charles Barkley’s investment valued the company at $1.25 million. Despite the fact that Cave Shake has not declared its current net worth, it is probable that Barkley’s valuation of Cave Shake is overestimated.

How Was the Shark Tank Pitch of Cave Shake?

Billie and Holly were delighted as they walked up to the Tank. In a comedy and song, they claimed that Cave Shake will help you overcome cravings and sugar crashes, allowing you to enjoy a treat without compromising your Keto diet. These samples were given out to anybody who were interested. While others, like Lori, were pleased with the flavour, Robert was perplexed as to what exactly was wrong with it.

Some people may not like it if they are not used to Stevia products, according to Holly. One hundred people out of a thousand, according to Billie, didn’t enjoy the flavour of Stevia. Asked about the beverage’s calorie count, Robert was curious. They laughed when Billie told them the price per serving was 480. The Sharks continued to giggle as Holly argued that counting calories was a waste of time.

cave shake net worth
cave shake net worth

It is important to underline that these calories come from plant-based lipids that “trick” the body into fat-burning mode. Ketosis is a well-known term for this fat-burning condition.) It was time to get down to the nitty gritty of things. There was an average price of $1.86 for each flavour of Cave Shake. Specialty health food stores in the Los Angeles area were the only places to find them at the time. As of this writing, sales in 2018 have amounted to only $182,000, down from $270,000 in 2017.

During the interrogation, Billie and Holly were asked about their personal history and what drove them to tremble. It was during her time as a competitive ski racer that Billie discovered the benefits of a ketogenic diet. Holly says that after a car accident, Keto helped her body heal. Despite their $2.5 million assessments, Kevin had his concerns. A Coca-Cola incubator called LA Libations was mentioned by Billie at that point.

During their participation on the show, Holly claimed that the incubator was a strategic ally of theirs. That year, they were on track to make an additional $750,000 profit thanks to the incubator. Charles Barkley, the incubator’s guest shark, wanted to know what the two had to give up in order to work together. Holly was the first to disclose that they had made a 15% guarantee. It occurred to Mark that a huge sum could be offered to an incubator and he wondered why this startup needed help from Sharks.

Billie was a firm believer in the value of teamwork when it came to making important decisions. Meanwhile, Mark questioned the wisdom of investing money in a company that would provide him less equity than if he had given nothing. A royalty clause was mentioned in the incubation agreement, which Kevin brought up as a point of clarification.

Holly said the incubator will get a cut of sales over $10,000, but she didn’t say how much the company owes the incubator in terms of commission. Kevin resented the fact that another company was getting a freebie while he was getting nothing in return for his $250,000 investment. He had vanished from the scene. Robert criticised the product’s taste and branding, saying that he didn’t understand what they were saying. As well, he withdrew his support.

In Mark’s opinion, it was too much work, and hence he opted out of the competition. Instead of drinking her calories, Lori remarked that she prefers to eat them, so she opted out. He wondered whether Cave Shake had the right ingredients to power him through his workouts. According to Billie, the drink has a lot of MCTs, which are great sources of energy. A 20% ownership in Charles’ company would have cost the two people $250,000, according to Charles.

William requested that Charles cut his offer to 14 percent, but Charles thought it was fair given that they had previously given the incubator 15 percent for free. To help him shed pounds, he claimed that his interest in investing sprang from the fact that he’s always had trouble maintaining a healthy weight. He was a firm believer in the need of making wise personnel decisions. He said, “You two are a pleasure to be around.

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