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Clix was born on January 7, 2005, in Connecticut, the United States, to American parents. Cody Conrod is his true name, and he is a Capricorn. In his hometown, he recently completed his high school graduation at an unidentified educational institution. In spite of this, he is probably not going to college for further education because of his success in the business world.

A native son of the United States, There is no information on his parents or siblings that he has published publicly thus far. Even though he has a large following on the internet, he prefers to keep his personal life private. As of right now, he has no spouse and is so classified as single. He has, however, been romantically involved with at least one other woman in the past.

Who is Clix?

A 17-year-old professional gamer and streamer, Cody Conrod, better known as Clix, is a member of the esports group NRG. Except for what he posts on social media, not much is known about his private life. He prefers to keep things private. However, it is known that he is one of the youngest Fortnite professional players to date.

On the same day in November 2017, Clix launched on both Twitch and YouTube. However, it wasn’t until 2018 that he made his first YouTube video. When he qualified for the first-ever Fortnite World Cup, people started paying attention to him. When it comes to one-on-one combat, Clix is often considered the best. Clix is no stranger to controversy; he was once suspended from Twitch for seven days for playing alongside then-banned player ZaynSZN (Twitch prohibits content creators from collaborating with banned streamers). After a three-day ban, he was allowed to return to work.

What Is Clix Net Worth?

More than $2,500,000 is thought to be Clix’s net worth. His current monthly salary is predicted to be $81,103.31.

Clix Early Life

A native of New England, Clix was born and raised in Connecticut. He has not revealed much about his childhood or how he came to be the person he is today. He’s still in school. As a condition for receiving a gaming PC, Conor’s father asked him to limit his use. His first game was Call of Duty Ghosts, which he played on his brother’s PC. Clix has always been quite secretive about his early years. Only he and his closest friends and family knew anything about him as a child.

Clix Career

After posting a video of himself playing Fortnite on Twitch and YouTube in November 2017, Clix’s career took off. Only the first year of his Twitch activity was maintained, and he only began publishing videos on YouTube the following year. Even yet, he wasn’t all that well-known before he started playing competitively in Fortnite, just like any other E-sports player. When Conor qualified for the 2019 Annual Fortnite World Cup, people took notice.


In addition to winning the competition, he also walked away with a cool $60,000 in prize money. When he won that event, it launched his career and made him a household figure in the gaming and streaming industries. Immediately following the event, Clix was signed by Misfits Gaming, and then, a year later, by the well-known Esports firm NRG sports. Due to his time spent with numerous E-sports organisations, he is now known as Clix NRG because of this.

In the 2019 NAE World Cup Qualifiers, which took place in June, he took the top spot once more. Clix won almost $160,000 in prize money and has qualified for the tournament five times already in the same global cup.

Clix Social Media

Clix’s social media fan following grew rapidly when his gaming career became well-known across the globe. His YouTube videos and Instagram photos also received a lot of attention. Clix began uploading videos to YouTube at the beginning of this year. “Amazing Building Battle in Fortnite” was the title of his debut YouTube video, which received over 145,000 views on YouTube.

He has almost 5 million views on his most popular video, “Never alter Clix,” and over 2 million views on a video about winning $160,000 in the Fortnite World Cup.

Clix Instagram

Like on YouTube, Clix has begun to garner enormous attention on Instagram. Clix has more than 2 million Instagram followers at the time of this writing. Clix has a habit of posting images of his game video, trick shots, and his friends and family on social media. On Instagram, he has a large following and a high number of followers.

Clix Net Worth
Clix Net Worth

Clix Personal Information

Clix has a height of 5’9″ and a weight of 79 kg. He is a human male. He’s only 16 years old right now. Hair Tone: His hair is also brown in colour. Capricorn is his horoscope sign. Clix enjoys both indoor and outdoor sports. When he was a kid, Clix was a fan of both baseball and basketball. Clix’s interests outside of Fortnite include travelling, photography, and socialising with his peers.

Clix Relationship

Clix is now unmarried, as evidenced by the fact that he has made no mention of his romantic relationships in interviews, the media, or among his followers. Being only 16, it’s understandable that he’s more concerned about his future career and academics than his romantic life right now. On the other hand Clix has frequently tweeted about spending time with his girlfriend but has not shared any photographs of his partner.

In the eyes of many fans, it appears that the actor is making light of his current relationship status and that he has no partner. Unless Clix himself posts a picture of his girlfriend, this could be the case.

Clix Family

The parents of Cody Conrod, a.k.a. Clix, are divorced. Until now, he hasn’t revealed anything about his mother or her name, but Scott Conrod is his father’s name. The internet at his mother’s place isn’t very fast, though. He admitted as much on social media. Father and Brother bought Clix’s PC, which he started playing Call of Duty Ghosts on.

Trevor Conrod, his older brother, is his only sibling. At Lifeweight Fitness Health Club, Trevor works as a personal trainer. Trevor and Clix have been collaborating and going on vacation together, and they’ve shared photographs of both.

Clix Controversy

Clix was permanently banned from Twitch in February 2021 for violating the site’s community guidelines on the distribution of pornographic content. During his livestream, he unintentionally shared sexually explicit images. Zayn, a fellow banned twitch user, had already banned him for working with him. The Twitch Community Guidelines make it clear that you are not allowed to work with someone who has been banned.


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