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Despite a brief spell as a professional football player, Roman Reigns is better recognised as a professional wrestling star. Roman Reigns is his WWE ring name, and he appears on the SmackDown roster as a member of that show. A Georgia Tech graduate, Roman played in the NFL for a time as a linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings and the Jacksonville Jaguars after his high school career ended, After that, he spent one season in the CFL with the Edmonton Eskimos before retiring from football.

The WWE was much more successful for Reigns than his football career had been. He has won three WWE championships and twice held the WWE Universal Championship. One WWE Intercontinental title, one Tag Team championship and one win at the 2015 Royal Rumble are among his other accomplishments. In 2014, he was also awarded the Superstar of the Year by Sports Illustrated.

One of the best wrestlers on Earth, Roman, isn’t necessarily the most popular one. Six years into a six-year span, Reigns was announced as the new face of WWE. Fans and reviewers, on the other hand, reacted angrily to this. As a result, Roman Reigns was recast as a villain and welcomed considerably better by the public.

Roman Reigns Early Life

Roman Reigns Net Worth (1)
Roman Reigns Net Worth (1)

On May 25, 1985, in Pensacola, Florida, a boy named Leati Joseph Anoai was born. Both his father and brother were professional wrestlers when Reigns was growing up. Other professional wrestlers are also related to him. Graduated high school and earned his bachelor’s degree in management from the Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT). When he was in college, he also played football for three years and was voted Defensive Player of the Year.

Roman Reigns Football Career

Roman was picked by the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League in 2007 after a stellar collegiate football career. When he was diagnosed with leukaemia, he was soon dismissed by the Vikings, which ended his professional career. Jacksonville Jaguars released him before 2007 season despite signing him. Having said that, he played in five games for the Edmonton Eskimos during his one season in the Canadian Football League. When the Eskimos parted ways with him in 2008, he announced his retirement from the game.

Roman Reigns Wrestling Career

Roman began working for the WWE in 2010 and progressed via their developmental zone, FCW. In 2010, he made his on-screen debut as a villain known by the name Roman Reigns. Roman was a member of The Shield when they first emerged on the WWE main roster in 2012. A hero who stood up to injustice had already been painted on him by this point. For a variety of reasons, Reigns has been a divisive figure in the WWE. After his debut in 2012, the WWE called him “one of its most precious commodities,” but many fans disagreed.

The WWE was suspected of rigging ballots in favour of Reigns in 2014, and he was harshly criticised for his limited moveset. WWE fans believed that they were being too aggressive in their efforts to make him the brand’s face, regardless of how their audience actually felt. The WWE even broadcasted false cheering noises as Roman entered the ring in 2016 in order to mask the boos. At this point, some former wrestlers were urging the WWE to make Reigns a villain instead of a hero.

Reigns is said to have spoken aggressively at the fans after the show had ended in 2016, according to reports. After Roman Reigns was punished for a month by the WWE for breaking their wellness policy, things got even worse. According to the popular consensus, Roman was suspended because of some form of drug infraction (either marijuana, Adderal, or steroids, depending on who you ask).


Many followers continued to show little sympathy towards Roman as time went on. Before, during, and after Wrestlemania 33, Reigns was booed mercilessly. People yelled expletives and slurs like “you suck” and “go away” in response to the video. Despite WWE’s best efforts, these statements could still be heard even when the microphones were pointed at the audience. WWE attempted to spin the narrative by saying that the boos were directed towards Roman Reigns because they liked him.

After an 11-year span of good health, Reigns was diagnosed with leukaemia for the second time and the crowd became more sympathetic to him. However, there were still fewer than a handful of people cheering. After announcing that his leukaemia was in remission, he thanked the crowd for their support. The WWE finally surrendered in 2020 and rebranded Reigns as “The Tribal Chief,” a more evil figure. Fans have reacted much more favourably to this persona. However, he was still booed by the crowd.

Roman Reigns Relationships

It was while they were both students at the Georgia Institute of Technology that Roman Reigns and Galina Joelle Becker first met. They married in 2014. They went on to have five children together, including four sets of identical twins.

Roman Reigns Medical Issues

Roman Reigns has been diagnosed with leukaemia twice in his life, and he is now undergoing treatment. In addition, he had to undergo nasal reconstruction surgery after breaking his nose in a battle against Sheamus.


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