Paige Spiranac Net Worth, Background, Personal Life And More

You have probably seen pictures of Paige Spiranac in an article showcasing the beauty of professional women golfers. Maxim magazine recently called her the “Sexiest Woman Alive,” so it’s impossible to escape seeing pictures of her. The athletic blonde is, if “photogenic” is the appropriate term, one of the most photogenic players ever to hit the links, so it’s not surprising that she’s almost probably the most popular golfer on social media, even if she hasn’t played a round professionally in quite some time. Spiranac’s rise to fame was inevitable, given her attractive appearance, so let’s take a closer look at her story to find out what happened.

Paige Spiranac Background

The 1993 Wheat Ridge baby was meant to grow up to be a California girl. She obtained her degree in communications from the University of Communication. Her passion in golf emerged early, and for a time Spiranac was actually fairly serious about it. She says it all started when she won the 100th Colorado Women’s Golf Association Match Play Championship and her phone started lighting up with text messages.

Paige Spiranac The Golf Blow-Up

Paige Spiranac Net Worth
Paige Spiranac Net Worth

The 500 followers she had before a writer at Total Frat Move spotted her images and sent her a love letter that went viral multiplied to become the 100,000 she has now. At first, all eyes were on her golf ability, but after she finished 101st out of 107 competitors, it became clear that endorsement deals were the way to go for Spiranac. Spiranac made her physical assets just as visible by wearing skimpy skirts and plunging necklines, prompting the LPGA to implement a dress rule.

Her professional golfing career may have fizzled out, but Spiranac is in no way strapped for cash or entertainment. Major corporations and fashion houses alike see her as a potential gold mine in the modelling industry, so they’ve formed partnerships with her to produce golfing and other clothes for her to wear. Spiranac has done a lot of advocacy work to fight bullying, which she claims was a big issue for her beginning as a gymnast in high school, and she also has her own podcast, “Playing a Round with Paige Renee.” Spiranac feels conflicted about her modelling career’s impact on her identity, but she can’t deny that the money is nice.

Paige Spiranac Net Worth and Personal Life

Spiranac’s images have attracted so much attention that many people are curious about her wealth as a result of her many fans, particularly men. Paige Spiranac has a $3 million net worth as of 2022. As she continues to take advantage of modelling chances, that figure should skyrocket. She can definitely afford to live comfortably because to the reported $14,000 she earns per sponsored Instagram post.


As one might expect, Spiranac’s male fans are interested in knowing if he is married. Many months ago, Spiranac stated that she was no longer married to her long-term sweetheart and athletic trainer, Steven Tinoco.

Paige Spiranac In Social Media

Some have said that Spiranac’s publicity stunts “sexualize women’s golf.” She hoped that the publicity would help her anti-bullying campaign and inspire more women to stand up for their own self-acceptance. In July of 2017, the LPGA Tour instituted a more stringent dress code, which banned low-cut tops, leggings, and short skirts. The Fox Sports title, “LPGA criticised for’slut-shaming’ its own players after new dress code limitations disclosed,”

typifies the quick backlash that this decision provoked. Spiranac wrote an opinion piece for Fortune magazine entitled “The Progress of Women’s Golf Is Plunging Further than Our Necklines” in which she argued against it and it was published days after the LPGA decision. Spiranac launched her podcast, Playing-A-Round with Paige Renee, in February of 2020.

Paige Spiranac In Business

Some of the publications that have highlighted Spiranac are Golf Digest and the Swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. Since the December 2018 issue, she has been contributing a monthly column to Golf Magazine. Spiranac signed with Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) as an ambassador for the company’s golf equipment in 2017. In the same year, she signed on as an official representative of the 18Birdies brand to promote the 18Birdies Golf app across the country.

Both Mizzen + Main and Philip Stein Watches have signed contracts with her. The worldwide sportsbook operator PointsBet hired Spiranac in 2021 to serve as a spokesperson and on-air host. She also became a “major” stakeholder, according to the official release. As the only athlete to ever reach the top spot on Maxim’s Hot 100 list, Spiranac was awarded “Sexiest Woman Alive” in June 2022.

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