Why Did Whitney and Lennie Break Up? What Was The Reason?

Fans of the 2015 programme My Big Fat Fabulous Life may remember ex-boyfriend Lennie Alehat, who appeared in seasons two through four. Despite their breakup due to an alleged infidelity, Thore has nothing but praise for Alehat. After the couple split up 2.5 years ago, the reality star posted on Facebook in 2018 (via Starcasm), “Lennie wasn’t for me, but he is a good person and has continued to support me.

” So, where did good ol’ Lennie Alehat go? What has he been up to since “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” and where has he been? Shortly after Thore and Alehat broke up, Lennie made a surprise appearance on an episode of Catfish. Many viewers suspected that the anonymous man behind the screen was catfishing tattoo artist Chelsea, but TV Shows Ace has confirmed that it was in fact Lennie. Although Bustle claimed in 2018 that the two were officially dating after filming wrapped, they don’t appear to be together in real life, and his private Instagram account doesn’t indicate that they ever were.

Lennie Alehat is now a full-time artist

In its place, Lennie has a private Instagram account where he showcases his artwork. He now makes his living as a portrait artist, and he advertises his availability for commissions on social media by posting frequent updates of his work in progress and finished portraits. In the profile’s opening line, he requests that interested parties direct message (or “DM”) him for additional details. Given that he spent the vast majority of his time in the public eye in a couple’s relationship, it’s not surprising that such works would be his most popular.

Why Did Whitney And Lennie Break Up
Why Did Whitney And Lennie Break Up

Lennie is often depicted in his paintings with his loved ones, most notably his brand new nephew. On other occasions, Lennie can be spotted at sporting events or engaging in extreme sports himself. In July of this year, for example, Lennie posted a photo from his first skydiving adventure, which he has since made private.

The Untold Truth Of Whitney Way Thore

If you’ve seen the show My Big Fat Fabulous Life, you know how great Whitney Way Thore is. The body-positive activist and author of I Do It with the Lights On: And 10 More Discoveries on the Road to a Blissfully Shame-Free Life is probably well-known even if you haven’t seen the TLC series. In her exhibition, Thore dispels the widespread belief that one must be thin to be attractive by demonstrating that people of different sizes may be stunning. She is an inspiration because of her upbeat demeanour and lack of fear.

When Thore first gained attention in 2014, it was due to a series of “A Fat Girl Dancing” videos she uploaded to YouTube. She became an instant sensation thanks to the millions of people who watched her dance videos online. We should learn more about this motivational TV star.

Reclaiming the word ‘fat’

Whitney Way Thore is not one of those people for whom the word “fat” is not an insult. Thore is recovering the word from its bad connotation and using it as an unbiased descriptor. She said on Proud2BMe, “All of my treatment and recovery, and trying to become a better person is trying to move away from the idea that big people are fundamentally terrible, and that the word ‘fat’ has to incorporate negative descriptors, like ‘fat and lazy,’ ‘fat and ugly.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that I no longer hold that view. I think it’s incredibly significant that people are reclaiming “fat” as an adjective.” According to Thore, society must get over the stigma connected with the word. “I want to keep using this word so that it becomes more mainstream,” she stated. The problem is, we can be happy even while we disagree with the idea that big women can.

Are Whitney Thore and Lennie back together?

Fans are divided on whether or not Whitney has moved on from her long-distance relationship with The Frenchman. In Season 8 of MBFFL, Whitney’s ex Lennie showed up to her door because he was in the area, and he revealed there were feelings involved on his end. A few Instagram photographs that Whitney has shared appear to be of her and Lennie, adding “evidence” to the theory that the two are back together.

Whitney, her brother Hunter, and Lennie all appear in a picture together next to a couple palm palms in a tropical setting. In yet another picture, Whitney and Lennie can be seen dressed in outfits reminiscent of the 1980s, likely on the set of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. People also revealed an exclusive sneak peek footage from Season 10 in which Whitney confronts Lennie about his decision to dance with another lady rather than her. In the clip, she can be heard saying, “Lennie can do what he wants, I’m not envious.”

In the meantime, her pal Tal Fish made light of the situation by asking, “Whitney, tell me more about how you’re not jealous.” However, Whitney clarified her status with Lennie on the debut of Season 10. “However, there is something I feel compelled to clarify. It’s not even weird that we’re together. In fact, it’s perfectly OK, “She turned to the producers and then to Lennie and told them.

“My guy isn’t envious or concerned about you at all, which is great news. I showed him your photo, and he said, “Oh, forget it.” Okay, thanks for asking.” Additionally, Whitney stated for the record that she was still seeing her French boyfriend to Lennie. The two were not open with one another.

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