Who is Erin Moriarty Boyfriend in 2022? Is She Dating Anyone?

It’s only human to wonder about the romantic lives of our favourite celebrities. The good news is that it’s become second nature. Because of the insatiable human appetite for celebrity, sex, and love, it was inevitable that these three interests would eventually collide. Even Erin Moriarty is not immune to this rule. This is due to the fact that the public has an insatiable need for details about the personal lives of celebrities, and Selena Gomez’s rumoured relationship with Chris Evans is no exception.

For this reason, the careers of up-and-coming singers and actresses fascinate me more than those of established stars. Fans of the CW show Legacies have excellent reason to be fixated on lead actress Danielle Rose Russell’s romantic life. Maybe it doesn’t even exist; we don’t know for sure. Nonetheless, a person of her calibre of talent, beauty, and peak performance would presumably be dating around.

Fans of Erin Moriarty are under the impression that she is actively involved in a romantic relationship. Who or what Erin Moriarty has dated is a total mystery. Fans, however, have led the press to believe (or perhaps she has led them to believe) that she is dating one of her The Boys co-stars. Homelander is assumed to be Erin’s boyfriend despite the fact that she has her pick of eligible guys within the cast of the smash hit Amazon Prime superhero spoof.

Yes, many of Erin’s admirers believe she is dating Antony Starr. No additional details regarding Erin Moriarty’s romantic life have been made public since this article was first published on August 2, 2022. It would appear from her online profiles that she is still a spinster. As the star of the hit TV show The Boys and the protagonist in not one but two upcoming feature films, she has been devoting the vast majority of her time to her career.

Erin Moriarty Dating 2022
Erin Moriarty Dating 2022

Is Erin Moriarty Dating Antony Starr?

You can’t just attribute the rumours to Erin Moriarty’s chemistry with Antony Starr because she has it with almost everyone else on The Boys. These allegations have a solid foundation in the numerous images that exist of the two of them on the social media platform Instagram. It’s obvious that Erin and Antony are close off-screen, but that’s also true of practically all of Erin’s co-stars.

Even though she is obviously close with Chase Crawford and Jack Quaid as well, the rumours that she is having an affair with Antony persist. The fact that Erin and Antony have been seen out to dinner alone themselves on at least two separate occasions likely contributes to the rumour. They had lunch together twice, each time on a terrace, eating casually. At least once, the dogs were plainly along for the walk with them.

Erin and Antony have used Instagram to celebrate one other’s birthdays and express their love for one another to the world. They insist they are simply pals, though. “BD to my ride or die/dog dad-uncle extraordinaire/annoyingly talented/goofball BEST FRIEND,” Erin captioned her most recent photo of Antony. There is zero evidence to support the notion that they are an item. In fact, they may merely be very close buddies on the surface.

What Does Erin Moriarty’s Relationship History Look Like?

Erin is apparently available and single at the time. The Boys star has a wide circle of male pals, and many of them (including actor Jacob Artist) have been falsely believed to be her lover. After the Dark (also known as The Philosophers), an independent film starring Bonnie Wright and Rhys Wakefield, is where the dashing Glee star first met Erin.

Erin became quite close with both Bonnie and Jacob after the filming in Indonesia. They still spend a lot of time together, and the public has assumed they are dating because of how cosy Erin and Jacob look in many of her Instagram posts. Not at all. This also applies to Pedro Pascal, that Pedro Pascal. Photos of the pair may be found on Instagram going back to 2014.

Erin called Pedro her “favourite person” in an early snapshot of the two of them together, which shows them sitting together in a living room. They’ve been really loving towards one another on Twitter. However, there appears to be zero proof of a romantic relationship between the two. One thing is for certain: Erin hangs out with a lot of very attractive single men.

Erin Moriarty Has A Crush On Drake

Erin may not be dating her The Boys co-star, but she has no qualms about dating another famous person: Drake. Canuck Degrassi actor and rap superstar Tekashi 6ix9ine is the object of Erin Moriarty’s undying adoration, yes. Erin had said, just before the incident, that she and Drake were Instagram followers of one other.

She continued by saying that she was waiting for the day when he would “slip” into her direct messages. Lilly also admitted to having a crush on Drake and having her hand slide into his. There was no action taken, although she did hear back from him. Erin’s level of jealousy was through the roof.


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However, outside of their appearance on the talk programme together, there appears to be no ties between Erin and Drake. Were Drake to ever slide into Erin’s DMs and she were to reply favourably, she would certainly become one of the most despised women in Hollywood. Erin Moriarty appears to be single at the moment and has not been seeing Antony Starr. But if The Boys keeps doing well, maybe it’ll give two people a chance to fall in love with one another. Yet, perhaps Drake will beat him to it.

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