Are Craig And Paige Still Together in 2022?

What do you get when two Bravolebrities enter a Winter House? Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo were acquaintances for a long time before they started dating. While appearing on their respective Bravo shows, the Southern Charm star and the Summer House personality became acquainted. Three years ago, when I first met Craig, he was still looking for a partner.

DeSorbo, alluding to her exe-boyfriend Perry Rahbar, said this about her relationship status in the October 2021 issue of Us Weekly. The 2021 filming of Winter House brought DeSorbo and Conover closer together after they had already formed a bond. Natalie Hegnauer was the girlfriend of the creator of Sewing Down South.

Before we moved to Vermont, I had no idea he had a girlfriend. When I first arrived, I was a little disappointed. DeSorbo told Us that, despite this, DeSorbo’s boyfriend was always courteous to his girlfriend. And in retrospect, I’m glad he had a girlfriend, since it allowed us to develop the strong friendship that serves as the foundation of our current relationship. There is a purpose to every event.

Conover and Hegnauer broke up at the conclusion of the crossover series. In May of 2021, he confirmed he was dating no one. According to those in the know, he and the trendsetting model started dating in the summer. Long-distance relationships are something we enjoy tremendously. DeSorbo told Us in October 2021 that she was likely to appear on Southern Charm,

season 8 of which was filming at the time in South Carolina since “we’re two people that are incredibly independent and have so much going on during the week.” It’s great when I have the whole week to get my work done, and then I can take off on a vacation on Friday morning. When we’re together, it seems like we’re really paying attention to one another. We put down our phones, organise some fun activities, and have a good time.

Are Craig And Paige Still Together
Are Craig And Paige Still Together

Kyle Cooke’s birthday was in 2019, and Conover claimed that he and Cooke had been having feelings for one other ever since he taped an episode of Summer House for the occasion. In October of 2021, he said, “We are pretty happy now.” Neither of us has ever dated anyone else who worked in our field. It’s great that we can understand one other. I finally found someone who genuinely loves and supports me as much as I love and support them. Just keep scrolling to see how their romance has evolved:

February 2021

Season 1 of Winter House was shot over the course of 17 days in February 2021, also involving Cooke, Amanda Batula, Lindsay Hubbard, Luke Gulbranson, Ciara Miller, Austen Kroll, Andrea Denver, Julia McGuire, Gabrielle Kniery, and Jason Cameron.

April 2021

After filming on the crossover series wrapped, fans were convinced something went down between DeSorbo and Conover in Vermont after she traveled to Charleston with friends. She denied they were dating during an April 2021 interview with Us.

May 2021

Some insiders claim that in May of 2021, the two of them finally started to hit it off romantically.

Summer 2021

In the summer of 2021, the lovers were making out. Numerous sightings of Conover on set of Summer House season 6 corroborate these reports.

September 2021

At Batula and Cooke’s wedding in September, the couple finally came out as a couple. DeSorbo said to Us a month later, “We did get a bit intoxicated during the wedding and put a Story up there from the photo booth.” To take a “official” photograph, though, “[I’m just] waiting for the proper scenery to happen.”

October 2021

During an exclusive interview with Us, DeSorbo gushed over Conover while promoting the first season of Winter House. See how things turn out toward the end of our trip. She added something like, “Craig just gets me; I know that sounds cliche. We have very similar worldviews, so there are many things I don’t have to explain to him. It’s incredibly easy and enjoyable to do; everything about it feels right.

November 2021

DeSorbo revealed that she and Conover spent Thanksgiving with both sets of families, Conover’s in Delaware and hers in New York, during an interview with EDaily !’s Pop. In response to a question about a potential proposal, she joked, “We’ve only been dating for a few months, after all. However, I’m willing to go along if it means getting a diamond ring from him.”

December 2021

Following the season 8 closing party for Southern Charm in Charleston, the pair made their Instagram account public. DeSorbo captioned the photo with the phrase “Sew in love,” praising her boyfriend’s sewing abilities and his business, Sewing Down South.

January 2022

Season 4 of Summer House will focus on the romance between DeSorbo and Conover, however the two began dating a few months before the show began filming in the summer of 2021. As seen in the Bravo series, the New York native told Entertainment Tonight that she and Conover first kissed in April 2021 but were only “casually dating” for the following months.

After filming the Vermont prequel in March 2021, DeSorbo and her Winter House sweetheart, Andrea Denver, were keeping things light. In January 2022, she revealed that she was unmarried when filming for Summer Property began in July 2021; nonetheless, she did get caught up in a love triangle involving Conover’s visit to the Hamptons house and Denver’s stay there.

ET: “Craig was not the reason I stopped hanging out with Andrea,” she said. “Since I was not anyone’s girlfriend, I believed that I had no responsibility to justify my actions to any of the men in my life. It’s safe to say that I was actively dating throughout the entire spring and summer.”

July 2022

DeSorbo told E! News in July 2022 that she was “fortunate” to be dating a man who knew what it was like to put one’s life on display for the world to see. When I tell him, “Everyone hates us,” he responds, “Whatever, I love you.”

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