Are Shekeb and Emily Still Together in 2022?


Emily, her lover Shekeb, and his mother Laila had an epic confrontation at the close of each season of “I Love A Mama’s Boy,” leading viewers to believe that the marriage is over for forever. However, come next season, and the couple are happily back together, pretending like things never went south between them. Season 3 of the TLC show was no different, as Emily and Shekeb revealed that they were still together despite the previous season’s horrific battle that concluded with Emily trashing Laila’s property.

In fact, they declared that they had moved in together and that their relationship had never been stronger. After watching all the turmoil and fights between Laila, Shekeb and Emily, seeing the couple behave like they were a happy couple didn’t sit well with people. Several viewers flocked to Twitter to not only wonder why Emily and Shekeb would deliberately want to be with each other, but also query if their relationship was even real or just for the TLC show money!

Shekeb isn’t sure if his relationship with Emily is going to work

Shekeb goes to stay with his mom after throwing a catastrophic dinner party. He demands some time alone to collect his thoughts. To Emily’s dismay, Yussra crashed a dinner gathering intended for Shekeb’s parents. Emily’s anger boiled over, and she said things to Skekeb’s mom that she knew would make her feel awkward. However, Shekeb feels Emily should have been courteous to Yussra because she was a visitor.

He expressed uncertainty about his ability to trust her at future family gatherings. The way she acts can be surprising, so Shekeb is having second thoughts about the relationship. Shekeb mentions that her mother joined Yussra at the dinner party. “Wow, I had no idea that would happen. Not that it makes a difference. A guest is a guest. Each and every person involved must be content. Each person must treat each other with dignity. Everyone needs to treat each other with kindness.

Shekeb says Emily embarrassed him at the party. When she brought up sexuality, he recoiled in horror. Shekeb said it was disrespectful and inappropriate for her to talk about something so private in front of his mother. “Emily talked about it in front of my mom,” Shekeb says. “It’s the worst thing that somebody could possibly do in front of my mom.”

Shekeb believes that returning to his mother’s home will give him a chance to “restart” and organise his thoughts. He wants to take time to think about his life and what he wants to do next. Shekeb tried to get his mother to accept Emily, but she told him she doesn’t like her and that it’s not going to happen. Shekeb is uncertain of his future with Emily. According to him, their future together is “unclear.”

Yussra and Shekeb reconnect

Later, Yussra phones Shekeb to chat about the dinner. She apologises for turning up to the meal and contributing to the stress. She tells Shekeb she feels awful for going and thinks she should have never been there. “There’s this part of me that says, ‘I don’t know how I got here,’ but then I know how I got there,” says Yussra. She felt obligated to attend the dinner because of her relationship with Laila, she says.

Yussra may insist she isn’t a “homewrecker,” but she winked at Shekeb and said she wants to know if their relationship with Emily ever falls apart. She says she shouldn’t have attended the dinner and she doesn’t want to cause trouble, it sounds like she isn’t opposed to dating Shekeb.

Our take

Emily treated Shekeb’s mom badly. Shekeb, on the other hand, needs to realise that his mother’s actions were inappropriate. Laila made a mistake by inviting a female guest to the family meal. Shekeb should have taken more responsibility for his mother’s treatment of Emily.

Fans are siding with Emily, for the better and worse

As a result of Sheila’s rejection and Shekeb’s unwillingness to defend their relationship, Emily struggled. Emily offered him many ultimatums during the show, and he finally gave up and bought her a promise ring before popping the real question. That wasn’t good enough for her, though, because she had her sights set on a ring that cost forty thousand dollars.

Emily was so insulted by his lack of dedication that she discarded the ring. Eventually, though, when she was ready to make up with Shekeb, she noticed that Laila, Shekeb’s mother, was wearing the same necklace. The dramatic events began at that point. After everything that happened throughout the series, it looked like they were going to make an effort to be together at the end. With her relationship status still up in the air, Emily’s devoted fans have taken to writing encouraging words.

A supportive reader revealed the truth, saying, “You guys didn’t seem compatible anyways.” “Taking a train with no destinations” can be preferable to staying in an unhappy relationship or having children with the wrong person. You have a second opportunity at life; make good use of it. Best wishes. Another user said, “He’s not worth it.” A third who wants Emily to be happy remarked, “I hope you find someone who can love you absolutely. While a son’s love for his mother is unwavering, it’s his responsibility to let her know when she’s going too far. He’s not the one for you if he can’t do that.

Emily and Shekeb’s relationship, over Laila’s watch – “Shekeb is mine”

As far as Shekeb was concerned, he and Emily were doomed from the moment they laid eyes on one other. Apparently they “instantly simply clicked,” as Shekeb told Cinemaholic. Since Shekeb’s mother, Laila, disapproved of the relationship, they had a tough road ahead of them. Shekeb has always felt safe in Laila’s home because of her fierce protection. Their mother-son dynamic has stymied their attempts to reconnect as friends. As much as Emily has tried, she just can’t manage to win over his mother.


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