Who Is Yungblud Dating

After Yungblud, a British rockstar, broke out with his raucous punk rock anthems, he was frequently associated with other famous musicians, such as Miley Cyrus and his ex-girlfriend Halsey. The 23-year-old finally put speculation to rest in April 2021, when he announced to his 3.6 million followers that he was dating American singer-songwriter Jesse Jo Stark, calling her the “Luv of my f— lyf.” They appeared to have become inseparable after that.

With a social media “soft launch” in 2021, the edgy couple has been posting about the more tender aspects of their rock and roll romance ever since, including matching leopard print outfits, steamy PDA, and most recently, Yungblud surprising Stark, 30, with a huge bouquet of roses on Valentine’s Day. It seems like this partnership is helping Yungblud’s career as a musician.

Weird! is the most recent studio album from Yungblud (actual name Dominic Harrison), and it deals with “gender and sexuality and drugs and love and heartbreak,” the latter of which he says was particularly challenging to write about. Star of Strawberry Lipstick said in December 2021 issue of People magazine, “I never create love songs, man… However, I then met someone who turned my life upside down and inside out.

Since he recently dedicated his song “Love Song” during a concert in North Carolina to a newly engaged couple, it’s evident that the musician is feeling the love. Here is the history of Yungblud and Jesse Jo Stark’s relationship as they continue to enjoy their burgeoning affection.

Who Is Yungblud Dating
Who Is Yungblud Dating

July 2020: Jesse Jo Stark featured in Yungblud’s Strawberry Lipstick video

A rock music video could be a safe and effective approach to introduce a new couple to each other. In the music video for Yungblud’s tune “Strawberry Lipstick,” Jesse Jo Stark takes centre stage, dragging the rockstar around on a dog leash while ripping into a raw heart in true punk rock style. Since they both posted steamy behind-the-scenes photos to their respective social media accounts, it is assumed that the video was the catalyst for the pair’s feelings to emerge.

March 2021: Yungblud linked to Miley Cyrus

When photos surfaced of Yungblud and Miley Cyrus out in Los Angeles, speculation about their relationship went into overdrive. Cyrus denied the tabloids’ claims that she and the musician were “sucking” on his finger, saying instead that they are “just friends.”

September 2020: Yungblud creates artwork & polaroids for Stark’s single Die Young

As a fair trade, Yungblud has also contributed his artistic abilities to several of Jesse Jo Stark’s musical endeavours. According to NME, the multitalented singer photographed artistic polaroids of Stark in the bath with running mascara for her eerie tune, Die Young. It’s raw, untidy, and honest,” Stark told NME. “This photo makes me feel like I have nothing to hide.”

December 2021: Yungblud opens up about Halsey breakup

Yungblud, who presumably broke up with musician Halsey in 2019, recently gave an interview in which he discussed the effect of heartbreak on his new songs and how he is moving on from the situation. “Man, I never write any kind of love music. He had this to say to People magazine: “I grew up in quite a violent environment, and if that’s love, I don’t want any f—ing part of it.” Later, he elaborated by saying “Now I know what it’s like to be loved, and it turns my life upside down and inside out. What is going on here?” 

February 2022: Valentine’s Day TikTok

Yungblud and Stark have been showing lots of PDA lately, particularly on the video-sharing app TikTok. Sharing a video on the app, the couple can be seen breaking Yungblud’s padlock necklace in a ritual fashion before Stark assists him in affixing a new chain bearing an inscription. He gives Stark the key in a romantic video with the remark “Loves not dead.” Another video of theirs on TikTok with over 2 million views shows Yungblud surprising Stark with a big arrangement of roses before the two of them enjoy a passionate kiss.

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