who is chantel dating? Is He In A Realtionship Now?

Thanks to their appearances on 90 Day Fiancé and its spinoff, Happily Ever After?, Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno became famous. Their constant bickering was fascinating to watch, and they quickly became fan favourites. Because of this, The Family Chantel was created, but after four seasons, the connection between the show’s leads has become strained. However, there has been no official word yet on whether or not the show will be renewed for a second season. Since their acrimonious breakup, speculation has circulated as to where Chantel is; some have even said she has already moved on.

Who is Chantel’s rumored new boyfriend?

The Love & Hip Hop star, Rich Dollaz, is rumoured to be dating Chantel Everett. Dreddsworld made the announcement that she and the star had been observed together several times in Atlanta over the course of the previous month, sparking the rumours. Dollaz is a music executive, entrepreneur, and reality TV star from Waterbury, Connecticut. This 44-year-old has been a part of the Love & Hip Hop series since 2011.

Dollaz started out at Bad Boy Records, then moved on to Universal Music, and is now the CEO of his own label, Dollaz Unlimited. His agency represents celebrities including Olivia (singer), Erica Mena (model), and Thea Trinidad (wrestler).

Who Is Chantel Dating
Who Is Chantel Dating

Why did Chantel and Pedro get divorced?

Fans of The Family Chantel were stunned to hear of the couple’s separation because they were used to seeing Chantel and Pedro’s furious disagreements on the show, but they figured that they were just acting. Pedro claimed in court papers acquired by In Touch that the couple’s marriage was “irretrievably destroyed” and so filed for divorce on May 27, 2022. Apparently, Pedro thought Chantel had stolen $257k from their shared bank account. There are always two sides to a story, and Chantel has refuted the allegations with her own, calling them “adultery” and “brutal treatment.”

Fans react to Chantel and Rich Dollaz rumors

Viewers of Love & Hip Hop and The Family Chantel have taken to social media to voice their opinions on the rumoured relationship between Chantel and Rich Dollaz. Some viewers think they could end up making a programme of their own. One wrote: “Heard Chantel and Rich Dollaz from LHHNY are dating each other…. I smell a narrative thread #TheFamilyChantel #loveandhiphop.”

Another commented: “I never knew I wanted to experience 90 days of love and hip hop — until now.” “I love a good reality show crossover!” one admirer wrote. There are many who think the two are a good match; one viewer commented, “This makes so much sense tho! If you watched Love & Hip Hop, you’d see many similarities between the two.

Pedro Jimeno files for divorce from Chantel Everett

According to TMZ’s report dated July 7th, Pedro has filed for divorce from his wife Chantel. The divorce petition that Pedro submitted to the court on May 27, 2022. Pedro says he and Chantel split up on April 27 and it’s been a month since then. Pedro stated in the papers that he and Chantel’s marriage was “irretrievably ruined.” Pedro claimed in his papers that five days after the couple split up, Chantel withdrew $257, 000 from their joint business account. After their marriage ended, Chantel filed for a restraining order against Pedro, claiming he was abusive and she was the victim of infidelity.

Chantel is rumored to be dating this new reality TV star

It was first reported that Chantel was seeing someone new on August 2, the day after she and Pedro finally ended their relationship. Distractify claims that the 31-year-old registered nurse was seen in Atlanta with a new boyfriend by viewers of the 90 Day Fiancé reality show.

Who is the (said) new man in Chantel’s life? Her Love & Hip Hop: New York fan base claims to have seen her with the show’s star, Rich Dollaz. He’s been there from the beginning of the VH1 series, and he really started to shine in Season 9. Besides the original Love & Hip Hop, Rich has also been on the Atlanta and Hollywood spinoffs. These speculations, however, remain unverified.

‘The Family Chantel’ documents the end of Chantel and Pedro’s marriage

Season 4 of The Family Chantel features extensive coverage of Chantel and Pedro’s breakup. Pedro has spent more time at his new real estate career this season, away from Chantel. Sadly, Chantel believes he has abandoned her. Pedro’s drinking with coworkers every night makes Chantel suspicious that he’s cheating on her.

In a confrontation with his coworker Antonella, Pedro eventually expressed a desire to go their separate ways. Chantel decides to make amends with Pedro by devising a strategy to improve their marriage. To heal fences with Lidia, her son’s mother in the Dominican Republic, she flies there. In the end, though, her strategies backfired. When Pedro finds out that she is going to the Dominican Republic, he makes plans to join her there.

Fans of The Family Chantel are hoping that, after seeing Chantel and Pedro’s breakup in Season 4, they will also get to see Chantel back on the dating scene.

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