who is kathie lee gifford dating? Who is Her Current Partner?


When Kathie Lee Gifford married her late husband, Frank Gifford, she didn’t expect to have children. You can only image the happiness she is feeling at the prospect of her 32-year-old son becoming a father for the first time. The former Today show co-host chatted with ET’s Lauren Zima about becoming a grandma, her joy for son Cody and his wife Erika, and the alternative title she would prefer to be given.

To begin, Gifford, whose five-part series The Jesus I Know is currently available to stream on Fox Nation, expressed excitement about the day she would hold her granddaughter. “Funny thing is, I’m not even particularly excited for myself. My daughter is going to be an aunt, and I couldn’t be happier for him and his wife “According to Gifford.

“I’m just sort of observing from the sidelines. And I know I’ll feel a surge of emotion the moment I hold my newborn child. I have no idea if they are having a boy or a girl because they are choosing to do things the old fashioned way and not find out.” Gifford shared the news that she and Gifford’s boyfriend Cody are expecting their first child together in December.

Gifford shared a touching video of the announcement, writing, “I am over a blue or pink moon!!!” as part of the post’s comment. The due date is set for June. Cody and Erika got married in September after seven years of dating. Gifford’s daughter, Cassidy, got married to Ben Wierda in June of 2020. She was 28 at the time. Gifford told ET that she began praying for her kids’ spouses before they were even born.

“I’ve been praying for my children’s husbands ever since I was pregnant with them,” Gifford added. “Even as they are being woven in your womb, you begin to pray for God’s best for your children. Given that I had married late and that Frank didn’t want any more kids, I never expected to have any of my own. So, I guess I was lucky to have two such stunning ones.”

In October of 1986, Gifford wed the late NFL great. At the time, he was 53 years old and had already started a family with Maxine Avis Ewart, the mother of his three children from a previous relationship. The legendary player passed away in August of 2015. He was 84. According to Gifford, Frank would be excited for Cody to start his adventure as a dad.

Who Is Kathie Lee Gifford Dating
Who Is Kathie Lee Gifford Dating

“It’s strange, because just the other night I was telling my kid, “Daddy would be so delighted, honey,” about all the good things that have been happening in our lives. “Daddy is smiling; he knows you’re happy,” “added Gifford, whose book of the same name was published in November and on which her Fox Nation programme is based.

She had previously told ET that she hoped her grandchild would call her “Glamma,” a term her daughter-in-law had used in the comments area of the video Gifford made to announce the pregnancy news. Gifford has moved on to a new word of endearment. “I have a very close friend whose mother is Jewish and hails from Israel;

I knew I could ask her anything about Jewish culture by simply asking, “What is the name for a Jewish grandma in Yiddish?” my sweetheart,” to which she replies, “Well, it comes from the name Bubbeh.” She addressed me as “Bubbeh,” an endearing Hebrew nickname for grandmother.”

What is Kathie Lee Gifford’s current relationship status?

He is currently dating Randy Cronk. As of this year’s first month, they’ve been an item. Since her husband’s death in 2015, Kathie has made every effort to keep her mind on her children and her career. The actress, though, found love again. During her appearance on the Today show, she said, “I’ve lately met someone who is a lot of pleasure to be around.  There is always tension between us because of him. He is not only the brightest person I have ever met, but also one of the most entertaining.

Previous relationships of Kathie Lee Gifford!

Kathie’s former husband, Paul Johnson, works in the publishing, production, and composition industries. Unfortunately, they split up in 1982. She tied the knot with Frank Gifford on October 18th, 1986. It’s been nearly three decades since Kathie Lee Gifford and Frank began dating. Both Cody Newton Gifford and his younger sister, Cassidy Erin Gifford, were born on March 22. Sadly, Frank passed away in 2015, at the age of 85.

Kathie Lee Gifford’s lover is a private individual. Little is known about him aside from his romantic history with a famous former TV host, singer, and book. In May of this year, Kathie decided to try online dating again. The “wonderful love” she and Frank enjoyed hasn’t dimmed her optimism that she’ll find it again. A buddy of mine said to me a few years back, after Frank had passed away,

“Sorry, I imagine Frank was the love of your life, right?” … Additionally, I added, “this far.” For some reason, my reply surprised me by being so upbeat. Despite her recent elation at the prospect of a romantic re-awakening, she cautions that there are many other factors to take into account. “I have no interest in anything less than wonderful,” she continued. Must I have a man in my life? Cody, [my kid] is with me, so I know I can count on him.

Having a man in my life is a blessing. The guy buddies I have are great. Do I require company? Among the many reasons I decided to move to Nashville is because of this. That doesn’t mean I’m actively seeking a male companion, though. I want to lead a full, exciting life.

Who is Kathie Lee Gifford’s black partner?

OK! magazine said this week that TV personality turned retiree Kathie Lee Gifford gave her boyfriend Randy Cronk an ultimatum: propose or leave. In 2019, after Gifford had quit Today and relocated from New York to Nashville, she met Cronk. While Gifford is obviously crazy with Cronk, she still makes for a rather conventional bride.

“madly in love with Randy and anxious to take things to the next level,” said an insider about Gifford. She is a traditionalist at heart and would never even consider cohabiting until they were married. To my knowledge, this is Gifford’s first serious relationship since the death of her spouse of nearly three decades, Frank Gifford, in 2015. Another source reveals,

“Kathie Lee never thought she’d find love again, but after meeting Randy, the two got very serious.” Even yet, she is averse to moving forward until the connection is formally established. Despite pressure from others, “she is determined about not sacrificing her ideas on marriage,” the source said. She has made it quite obvious to Randy that he needs to pop the question – and soon.


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