Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating 2022? Where Was She Born?


Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating 2022: Our next topic is Lexi Rivera’s current partner, followed by a discussion of her past relationships and dating history. Lexi’s background, achievements, and financial status will also be examined.

Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating 2022?

To our knowledge, Lexi Rivera is not currently dating anyone. The Instagram celebrity’s birthday is June 7, 2001, and she was born in California. She is the internet-famous sister of Brent Rivera, a popular YouTuber, and social media figure. Her @lexibrookerivera Instagram account boasts more than 460,000 followers.

Relationship Status

As of the year 2022, Lexi Rivera is single. There are 21 years between Lexi and you. CelebsCouples claims there was a past relationship history for Lexi Rivera. She’s never been married before. In 276 days, Lexi Rivera will enter her 22nd year of life. Visit FamousDetails to learn the top 10 information about Lexi Rivera.

About Lexi Rivera’s Boyfriend

No one is currently dating Lexi Rivera. We have users double-check and verify all profiles and their dating history. We rely on data and resources available to the general public to ensure that the dating statistics and profiles are reliable.

Who Has Lexi Rivera Dated?

This page will be regularly updated with any new information we learn about Lexi Rivera’s love life, which she, like most celebrities, prefers to keep under wraps. Lexi Rivera’s boyfriends: She had at least 1 relationship previously. The beautiful Lexi Rivera has never been married. As of right now, we are researching past encounters and dates.

The details of Lexi Riveras’ alleged romantic history online are up to speculation. Finding out who Lexi Rivera is seeing is easy, but keeping track of all her affairs, hookups, and breakups is more of a challenge. Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date record of every famous couple is impossible. Please let us know if any of our information on Lexi Rivera has become outdated.

Where Was She Born And Raised?

Alexa Brooke Rivera, better known as Lexi, was born on June 7, 2001, in Huntington Beach, California. John Rivera is her father, and Laura Rivera is her mother. Lexi Rivera was reared alongside her three elder brothers, Brent, Brice, and Blake. Her brothers Brent and Brice have become internet celebrities, while her oldest brother Blake plays professional hockey.

Lexi attended Huntington High School in West Virginia for her high school diploma, which she received in June of this year (2019). She excelled at gymnastics at school and was ranked first in the state. She had planned to attend the University of California but ultimately dropped out to focus on her YouTube career.

How Did Lexi Rivera Start Her Career?

Lexi Rivera
Lexi Rivera

Lexi’s brother made it easy for her to follow in his footsteps and pursue a career in content creation on social media. Brent River, Lexi’s older brother, is a significant inspiration; she chose a similar career path. Brent aided in the growth of her large Instagram and YouTube fan bases.

Lexi Rivera first signed up for a YouTube account on August 21, 2010, but she didn’t post a video until 2018. Before starting her channel, she made an appearance or two on her brother Brent’s. Over 2 million people have watched Lexi’s first video, “Wait, Who’s My Favorite Brother? (Q&A),” on YouTube.

Motivated again, she uploaded a third video on July 15 titled “Little Kids Nowadays (Lexi Edition).” Over 13 million people have watched that video on YouTube alone. She later joined her brothers and friends in uploading vlogs, reactions, pranks, lifestyle, tutorials, and vlogs. She was able to expand her fan base with the help of these videos.

‘I’m PREGNANT!?’ is one of Lexi’s most watched videos. The 24-Hour Overnight Challenge, the 24-Hour Overnight in the Gymnastics Gym, “Pranking My Crush for a Week,” etc. On the other hand, in 2018, Lexi Rivera had her debut web show appearance on Brat’s YouTube channel BROBOT as a Max.

What Is Lexi Rivera’s Net Worth?

Lexi Rivera’s net worth in 2022 is predicted to be in the $3 million range. She has worked hard to become one of the most successful American content providers. There’s no denying that YouTube is where she makes the bulk of her money, with 1.5 million daily views and counting.

The internet celebrity earns almost $12,000 daily from her channel. In addition to her growing wealth, Lexi’s massive YouTube following (over 7.30 million) helps to drive her business. With a salary of over $1 million per year, Lexi Rivera has more than enough money to live comfortably.

Who Is Lexi Rivera Lover?

According to rumors, Lexi Rivera has had numerous high-profile relationships. Lexi began dating professional skateboarder Ben Azelart in early 2018. In November of 2018, they made their relationship official. However, by November 2020, the couple had split up, and Lexi Rivera posted a video to her YouTube account detailing the breakup. Reports from 2022 claim that Lexi is seriously involved with Instagram star Andrew Davila.

Lexi Rivera’s Relationship With Her Ex-boyfriend Ben Azelart

Rivera and her ex-boyfriend Azelart reportedly started dating when she was 15 and broke up in 2017. The recently separated couple used to share images of each other often and work together on social media posts. Things were going well between them, and their fans wanted them to stay together forever.

However, circumstances intervened, and on November 22, 2020, they announced their breakup via YouTube video. At the video’s outset, Rivera expressed regret for misling their supporters. As she expanded, “I mean the same goes for me; Lexi is one of the nicest, sweetest, funniest people I’ve ever met,” Ben said, expanding on Lexi’s description of him as “one of the best persons I’ve ever met in my entire life.”

A short while later, Rivera clarified why the couple waited so long to announce their split: “I know it’s been very baffling for you, and that’s because it’s been tough for us, too.” “She went on. A lot of on-again, off-again behavior has occurred, and I don’t think either of us knew what we wanted to do until quite recently.

She said it had been quite puzzling to them since “having a relationship is one thing, but having a connection online is a completely different scenario.” Being so young, at 15 or 16, presented challenges. The Internet sensation implied that they were both miserable because of their relationship.

Azelart observed, “I believe as the years went on, everything just grew a bit too involved… but we both had so much fun doing it.” Perhaps the most challenging component was our desire to fulfill both your and our satisfaction simultaneously. “We just couldn’t do both,” she added, adding that she and her husband had decided that “focused on ourselves for now” was more crucial.

At long last, they’ve realized that the time isn’t good for them to be together, but their split isn’t irrevocable. Azelart also stressed the importance of “independence.” They broke up in January 2021 but have remained close friends and even worked together on a video project in February of that year.


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