Who Is Tom Cruise Dating Now? Who Did He Date Before Top Gun?

Tom Cruise Dating: Tom Cruise’s romantic life has been scrutinized for decades since his breakout role in Risky Business in 1983. He has starred in all six Mission: Impossible movies and is regarded as one of Hollywood’s most attractive leading males. The actor also had several high-profile relationships outside of show business. Everyone is wondering who Tom Cruise could be dating after this.

The actor has been married three times, first to Mimi Rogers, then to Nicole Kidman, and last to Katie Holmes. His breakups and exes have received as much media attention as his profession.

Who Did Tom Cruise Date Before Top Gun?

Melissa Gilbert

In the ’80s, Tom and Melissa were involved in a relationship. Melissa, though, stressed that whatever chemistry she and Tom shared was utterly platonic. She claimed in an interview that sexual activity did not occur but that they nonetheless “made out.” After some dating, Melissa and Tim Busfield tied the knot in 2013.

Heather Locklear

When Tom Cruise was just starting in the industry, he and his future wife Heather Locklear met at an audition. They did end up going out on a date once. Unfortunately, Heather insisted that their romantic relationship was doomed to fail. Heather recalls how awkward it was on their first date when Tom began doing splits, and she could not keep up.

Recently, she was included in the movie The Kristine Carlson Story: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. After 4 years, this film marks her return to the industry after a hiatus.

Rebecca De Mornay

Both of them were in the comedy-drama film Risky Business in 1983. Tom and Rebecca’s great chemistry significantly influenced the film’s success. They went on an almost two-year-long date outside of the show. Rebecca is now seen in shows like Jessica Jones and Lucifer. Peter 5/8 will also mark the second film she’ll star in.


Cher admitted in 2008 that she had a one-night stand with Tom Cruise. When they started dating in 1985, there was a 16-year age gap between them. Andy Cohen learned in 2013 that the actress counts Tom as one of her top five boyfriends. Cher’s current philanthropic efforts are focused on saving animals. Both an album and a biopic of her life are now under production. It was Patti Scialfa who said it.

Shortly after Tom Cruise and singer Patti Scialfa met in 1985, they began dating. They were frequently spotted in New York City with numerous famous session musicians. Their romance did not last long, though.

Mimi Rogers

Mimi Rogers and Tom Cruise married in May of 1987, a year after they first started dating. According to an interview with Rolling Stone, Tom credits his relationship with Mimi with improving his acting skills. Indeed, he considered Mimi to be his closest companion. However, after three years of marriage, they split up.

Nicole Kidman

Not long after Tom and Mimi broke up, rumors of a romance between Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman began circulating. The entertainment community and their fans went wild over them. They got married in 1990 after dating for a while.

Later, they expanded their family by adopting twins. The cast of Days of Thunder, however, disbanded in 2001. The reasoning for this decision was concealed. It was speculated that Tom and Nicole’s separation was caused by Nicole’s refusal to become a devout member of the Church of Scientology like Tom.

Penélope Cruz

Tom met Penélope soon after his 2001 divorce from Nicole, thanks to the movie Vanilla Sky. Rumors that their connection contributed to his and Nicole’s breakup were refuted by the two. They were together for two years, and both were ready for marriage. They first appeared publicly on the red carpet at the premiere of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin in August 2001. Their 2004 split was the final straw.

On the January 7, 2022, release of the American spy film The 355, she had a small but significant role. She co-produced the next film, On The Fringe, in which she will make a return appearance for her legion of fans.

Katie Holmes

In other words, Katie is Tom’s third wife. He and Katie were one of the decade’s most famous couples. Fans and the media fawned over them until Katie filed for divorce in 2012. Tom’s affections for her were so intense that in 2005 he publicly confessed his love for her by jumping on a sofa.

Suri Cruise was born in April 2006, just a few months before her parents tied the knot in Italy. Katie’s Alone Together has a lot of fans pumped. She did all the heavy lifting in this flick, from scriptwriting to producing to directing to acting.

Hayley Atwell

While filming Mission: Impossible 7 in 2020, Tom and Hayley fell in love with each other. They reportedly broke up in September of 2021 after dating for an entire year. Reunion rumors about them garnered a lot of attention. Hayley had just returned from London, where she and Tom had gone to see the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick.

According to rumors, however, the couple’s attempt to reignite their romance in June this year was unsuccessful. A reliable source stated, “The romance between Tom and Hayley was real.” They, however, have found that “it hasn’t worked out for them.” According to the same source, they decided to give their relationship another go at the beginning of this year.

Who is Tom Cruise Dating Now?

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Mission: Impossible co-star Hayley Atwell was reportedly Tom Cruise’s final romantic interest. In other words, who does Tom Cruise see at the moment? So far as we know, there is none at present. Although there have been rumors that Tom was introduced to a British actress, Tom’s staff has not confirmed this.

In addition, after his split from Katie Holmes, Tom has not remarried. You may have also heard he is dating the famous socialite Paris Hilton. This happened after people saw a video of Paris in which a false Tom had been created using deep fake, a form of synthetic media. Rapid online dissemination prompted both shocked and speculative responses from fans. But there’s absolutely no truth about it.

Paris and Carter Reum are still together; Cruise is not at fault. Nobody knows who Tom Cruise sees at the moment. Fans aren’t just looking forward to the release of Top Gun: Maverick and the next two Mission: Impossible films (2023 and 2024).

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