Who Is Alex Cooper Dating? Who Is Matt Kaplan?


Who Is Alex Cooper Dating: Which Boyfriend Does Alex Cooper Have? Cooper has been romantically linked to film producer Matt Kaplan since 2020. The 26-year-old woman discussed her personal life on her podcast and revealed that her boyfriend’s name is Mr. Sexy Zoom Man. Cooper gave her new coworker this moniker after they met at a pandemic-related company expansion workshop.

They had a long talk when she invited him to her Los Angeles home. In her podcast, the Pennsylvanian woman discusses the nitty-gritty of her relationship, implying that her current partner is more stable and responsible than her ex-boyfriend.

He supports her decisions and her career, she said. Several sources identify Matt as Matthew Kaplan, a famous film producer. Claire Holt, a renowned actress and actor in Hollywood films, was Matt’s ex-wife.

Who Is Alex Cooper Dated?

Cooper admits she has dated other athletes, but her most famous exes are Noah Syndergaard and Logan Paul. Cooper had an affair with the New York Mets’ pitcher Syndergaard before she became famous. Since starting a relationship in April 2017, the couple has attended numerous gaming conventions. Syndergaard wrote on Twitter, “Baseball is my significant other,” to confirm the end of their relationship.

At a Knicks basketball game in December 2020, Syndergaard made his last public appearance before tweeting, “Baseball is my significant other.” The podcasters’ breakup and relationship with Syndergaard, whom she calls “Slim Shady” in private, were made public a few years ago.

Cooper also had a brief romance with popular YouTuber Paul, in addition to Syndergaard. It is unclear when they first started dating, but on April 8, 2021, the famous TV hostess revealed that she was seeing Paul. In early 2020, Alexandra said she and an ex-boyfriend had reconciled, though she didn’t specify which one. Rumor has it that Alex Cooper is dating rumored Matt Kaplan.

Who Is Matt Kaplan?

When exactly did Matt Kaplan’s birthday fall? The birth date of the film producer is April 14, 1984, and it took place in California. In 2022, he’ll be 38 years old. In what city does Matt Kaplan make his home? He is currently based in the Los Angeles area. After finishing high school, Kaplan pursued a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies at Columbia University. From there, his successful career in film and television production took off.

When And Where Was Alex Cooper Born And Raised?

Alex Cooper
Alex Cooper

Cooper, Alexandra was born on August 21, 1994, in Newtown, Pennsylvania. In 2016, she joined Dirty Water Media as a studio anchor. The Boston University soccer team was led by Cooper. In 2014, they crowned Patriot League champions.

What Is Alexandra Cooper’s Net Worth And Salary?

With a net worth of $25 million, Alexandra Cooper is a well-known podcast host in the United States. Alex Cooper first gained widespread recognition as a result of her work as co-host of the podcast “Call Her Daddy” (with Sofia Franklyn) from 2018 to 2020.

After a disagreement led to her departure, Sofia started her podcast titled “Sofia with an F.” The production of Call Her Daddy progressed, and in June 2021, Alex negotiated a three-year, $60 million exclusive deal with Spotify for the show. The Spotify arrangement guarantees Alex Cooper an annual salary of at least $20 million. The more downloads she gets during that time, the more money she can make.

When Did Alex Cooper Start Call Her Daddy?

Together with radio personality Sofia Franklyn, Alexandra Cooper became known for hosting the popular podcast “Call Her Daddy.” The show quickly acquired listeners as part of the popular Barstool Sports podcast network.

In 2018, the show debuted on the Barstool network. During its peak, the podcast had a massive audience. Due to a dispute about the terms of her contract with Alex and Barstool, Sofia departed the program in the middle of 2020.

Is Alex Cooper Still Affiliated With Barstool?

A report in the New York Post dated May 2020 claims that a few weeks into a standoff with Barstool, Sofia, and Alexandra wanted out. At the time of the incident, the girls were reportedly working under a contract that paid each $75,000. A potential $2,500 is on the table for them every time an episode draws in an audience that is 10 percent larger than usual.

Early in April 2020, Franklyn and Cooper ceased recording episodes in protest. Meanwhile, Sofia’s boyfriend, HBO executive Peter Nelson, is said to have negotiated a new deal for the couple at another studio, even though they were still obligated to their previous employer.

David Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, recently stated that he had offered the duo new contracts that would pay high six-figure wages and provide a path to reclaim their IP. According to the source, Cooper is willing to make the transaction work, while Franklyn is not. Finally, Sofia decided to leave the program and start her podcast, which she titled “Sofia with an F.”


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