Who Is Clayton From The Bachelor Dating? What Happened Between Susie And Him?

Who Is Clayton From The Bachelor Dating: Hey, hold on there… Can we assume that Clayton Echard and Susie Evans, who both appeared on Season 26, are still together? Even though the videographer abandoned him in Iceland, they are now back together. Read on to discover the current status of your favorite reality TV couples.

Are Clayton and Susie From The Bachelor Still Together?

The Bachelor season 26’s finale showed Clayton confessing to his family that he wanted to win back Susie. You’re making excuses as you go. As far as I’m concerned, that’s in the past… She decided to walk, as his father, Brian Echard, had recommended. The football player, though, encouraged him to give it a shot. “She’s one of those who comes along only once in a lifetime,” he said.

Discord between the couple started when the Virginia Beach native voiced serious worries about Clayton’s overnight dates with fellow candidates Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. While Rachel was out on a date, she commented, “I didn’t fully comprehend the gravity of it until this second.” To love more than one person at a time is something I doubt about him.

Susie continued, “For me, sex is connected with somebody,” before leaving for her private dream suite. In other words, I want Clayton to be on the same page and see things the way I do.

He wasn’t, as it turns out. Clayton’s confession of love for Susie wasn’t the only one he made, though. While enjoying a romantic evening at the Sky Lagoon hot springs, Susie acknowledged that she would feel “uncomfortable” if he slept with other women.

With those obstacles, “I think it would be impossible to move on toward an engagement,” she said. I don’t think I could be happy if I had to share your affection with someone else. He responded, “Yes, I have slept with someone else here, and yes, I have conveyed sentiments of falling in love with someone else.”

What happened between Susie and Clayton?

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans
Clayton Echard and Susie Evans

Following this exchange, Susie said, “If you feel like you’re in love Following this exchange, Susie said, “If you feel like you’re in love with me, it doesn’t make sense to sleep with anybody else.” I promised myself I wouldn’t fall in love with more than one woman, yet here I am,” Clayton said. No matter how much Clayton wishes he could change the past and avoid “becoming a deal-breaker” for Susie, he can’t. Susie left the room, sobbing.

Yet, Susie returned for the finale’s rose ceremony in the end. After a fight between Clayton, Rachel, and Gabby, Susie remains the only contestant for the final rose ceremony. Susie tells Clayton that she and Clayton are splitting up and that she has come to the “devastating” determination to leave Iceland. “After serious consideration, I’ve concluded that neither you nor I are the right person for each other.”

Are Clayton and Susie Get Engaged?

After the Final Rose, Clayton said that after leaving Iceland, he returned to “what I believed was my usual life,” but that Susie had reached out to him again. “I was blown away that there was even a possibility that emerged from it all,” Clayton added. Then Susie came out and said they were still an item. We’re ecstatic to be here today,” she exclaimed. “That’s the guy I’m seeing.”

Also, she said they “took some steps back,” but they’re in love and “serious” now. I think it’s safe to say, “Yeah, he’s fantastic.” But they admitted that they “could have done better” and braced themselves for criticism after the series finale. Jesse hinted that maybe a proposal was on the horizon, and Neil Lane was in the crowd, but Clayton dispelled those rumors by saying they had other plans.

He then extended the final rose and confirmed her acceptance. In the summer of 2022, Clayton and Susie are still going strong. The two can’t stop gushing over each other on their social media accounts. “My granola game is upped thanks to @claytonechard and Clayton alone,” Susie captioned a cute video of Clayton helping her at the grocery store on July 10.

Do Clayton and Susie Live Together?

To further their love, the couple revealed during After the Final Rose that they will be relocating to Susie’s hometown of Virginia Beach. They only stayed on the east coast for a year before announcing they were uprooting again, this time to different states.

Clayton announced his upcoming relocation to Scottsdale on the August 17 episode of the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast while revealing that his then-girlfriend was planning a similar move to Los Angeles. We’re only a half-hour plane ride apart, but we’re trying to make our goals come true. Regarding where we settle down, I believe we agree on those two cities.

The ex-football player promised they were game to give it a shot, but if it didn’t work out, they’d just move in together. ‘We don’t know if we’re going to like that long journey,’ he said. Some may see our split and assume, “Oh, they’re breaking up….” In my opinion, some space can do everyone some good.

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