Are Bad Bunny And Rosalia Dating? Is He Really Dating?

Are Bad Bunny And Rosalia Dating: When he made an official announcement about his collaboration with musician Rosalia, Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny hinted at a few different possibilities in his most recent Instagram post. Bad Bunny and Rosalia gave a sensational performance on Saturday, February 20’s Saturday Night Live.

The world is still raving about their tremendous chemistry two days later, and everyone is convinced that something is developing between the two. Following the release of their song “La Noche de Anoche,” Latin music icons Rosala and Bad Bunny ignited dating rumours earlier this year.

Since then, the rumours have picked up steam, with many believing that a romance between the two is developing. Therefore, we are left to speculate if Rosala and Bad Bunny are dating. Here is what we currently know.

Are Bad Bunny and Rosalia In A Relationship?

The two incredibly well-liked musicians are not, regrettably, dating. After quietly hinting at his profound relationship with another woman, Bad Bunny quickly ended the rumours. Model Gabriel Berlingeri, who Bad Bunny recently admitted he was in love with, is his girlfriend.

He admitted that he met her when he and his family ate supper. Although they made their Instagram account public last year, the couple’s anniversary date is unknown. He reportedly broke up with his five-year ex-girlfriend in the same month they began dating.

With her outstanding stage presence, Rosalia, who performed with Bad Bunny on Saturday Night Live, turned many heads. Little is known about the talented singer’s present romantic situation because she prefers to keep her private life private. Since no rumours have surfaced about her until now, it is safe to presume that she is single.

Her most recent relationship, made public, lasted about two years and was terminated in 2017 by Spanish musician C. Tangana. Currently, on the rise, Rosalia’s participation with Bad Bunny has assured her of a secure rung on the career ladder.

Additionally, she is the first singer from Spain ever to receive a Grammy nomination in the Best New Artist category. Here is a glimpse of their hot new music video, which is currently trending on YouTube.

Whenever Did Bad Bunny Date Rosalia?​​​​​​​

In 2019, when he released images of himself with singer Rosala with the remark “I guess I fell in love,” Bunny furthered speculation of a romantic relationship between the two.

They were shortly put out of commission, but with the release of their song La Noche De Anoche in February 2021, they briefly flared back up.

The two again got up and personal in the music video, which recounted the tale of two people who have passionate chemistry but cannot be together.

Even though Rosala and Bad Bunny appear to be dating, nothing amorous exists between them. According to sources, Bad Bunny, whose actual name is Benito Martnez Ocasio, has been dating Gabriela Berlingheri since they first met in 2017.

Are Bad Bunny And Gabriela Berlingeri Engaged?

Before meeting Berlingeri, Bad Bunny had a long-term relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Carl de la Cruz. After a five-year relationship, they split up in April 2017, the same month he met Gabriela.

Model and jewellery designer Berlingeri has also appeared in some of Bunny’s songs. She is listed as a vocalist on his song En Casita, which translates to In a modest house, on his unexpected 2020 album Las Que No Iban a Salir.

Fans caught a sneaky Bunny video of Berlingeri wearing a diamond stone on her ring finger in August 2021. This led to rumours that the two were married or, at the very least, engaged.


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The famous rapper vehemently denied that they had wed in a subsequent interview. However, he did allude to the fact that they were now engaged.

However, the lack of recent social media photos of the two together (up until the summer of 2022, Bad Bunny shared many photos alone) makes matters more complicated. Additionally, Bunny’s dating history isn’t as straightforward as fans might have thought.

Is Gabriela Berlingeri And Bad Bunny Really Dating?

Although Bad Bunny and Gabriela Berlingeri’s relationship had been meticulously scrutinised by fans for years, leading them to believe they were blissfully dating, if not engaged, an interview with Bunny in July 2022 cast doubt on their theory.

According to Remezcla, Bad Bunny denied dating Gabriela during an Instagram Live, claiming they were “very close friends, best friends.” Furthermore, despite acknowledging their chemistry, he didn’t explicitly state that he and Berlingeri were dating.

The two were featured “getting pretend married” in a music video for Bunny’s song Tit Me Preguntó about a month before that declaration.

Fans had hoped that the two would wed in reality, but Bad Bunny’s ambiguous comments about the couple’s relationship have everyone talking.

However, the musician may have had that in mind when he said during Instagram Live that no matter what people believe is happening, they don’t have the complete picture.


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However, at the time of writing, Gabriela Berlingeri’s most recent image with Bad Bunny was from September 2021, thus fueling rumours that the two are no longer together or never actually were.

Who is Rosalia?

The stage name Rosalia is used more frequently by Spanish singer and songwriter Rosalia Vila Tobella.
Thanks to her low-budget co-production of El Mal Querer’s baccalaureate project with Raül Refree and their cover song Los Angeles, Rosala earned an honours degree from Catalonia College of Music.

Her music today, which consists primarily of pop and urban influences, was presented in the project as contemporary interpretations of flamenco.

Con Altura, a song inspired by reggaeton that marked Rosala’s switch to urban music, was her first big-time hit single in 2019. J Balvin and Rosala co-wrote the song.

Billboard, Pitchfork, and the Latin Recording Academy named it one of the year’s finest songs and the Best Urban Song.

Her catchphrase “La Rosala,” which she uses as a trademark throughout her songs, was also given to her. She has partnered with a variety of hitmakers in the English music industry.

El Mal Querer, the album that won the Latin Grammy Award for Album of the Year and was listed among Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, marked the start of her ascent into the international music industry.

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