Who Is Pierson Dating Right Now? How Did She Start Her Career?


Who Is Pierson Dating: Do you want to know if Brent Rivera and Pierson are still together in 2022? In 2022, do you know if they are still a couple? Continue reading to fully grasp the situation and learn whether or not they are still together. Let’s get to know them individually before diving into their romantic history.

For those unfamiliar with the names Brent Rivera and Pierson or unaware of their existence. If you want to learn more about them, you should read this post because it’s packed with exciting information. We need to find out if Brent, Rivera, and Pierson are still together in 2022.

Are Pierson Wodzynski And Brent Rivera Still Dating?

They are still together in 2022, as predicted. Pierson Wodzynski and Brent Rivera are still together but have yet to tie the knot. The two of them started dating sometime in the year 2020. Brent River had lately dated individual YouTubers Morgan Justus and Eva Gutowski. Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski met on the set of a dating show, Date Takeover.

The show’s premise was that Brent Rivera’s younger sister, Lexi, would choose a female for him to date, and luckily, Pierson Wodzynski was one of the contestants. But at about the same time, Brent Rivera and Eva Gutowski started dating.

But they eventually broke up, and in 2020 Pierson Wodzynski and Brent Rivera began dating. Brent refers to Pierson Wodzynski as his “crush” and his “best friend” in videos posted on YouTube. As a kid, Brent Rivera appeared in many commercials on TV.

How Did Pearson Wodzinski And Brent Rivera Meet?

Brent and Pierson have become quite close since the end of 2018. When Brent and his sister Lexi Rivera appeared on Pierson’s favorite show, Date Take Over, they became fast friends. In one episode, Lexi is given the ability to choose Brent’s girlfriend from a pool of six candidates. Lexi ends up choosing Pierson over Brent. Pierson and Brent have become fast friends since then.


There are many videos of them together, all with clever titles that hint at their relationship status. They had several dates and were even married for a day. Their adoring public has been rooting for them to get to the next level in their relationship. Nonetheless, neither Brent nor Pierson has publicly acknowledged their relationship. Their videos, however, make it clear that they are romantically involved.

Who Is Brent Rivera?

American social media star and actor Brent Rivera has a $4 million fortune. Starting in 2018, Brent Rivera has been recognizable to audiences everywhere as Isaac Salcedo on the CW’s Light as a Feather. From 2016 to 2018, he also wrote, produced, directed, and starred in the web series MrBrent98.

Aside from the 2017 feature Alexander IRL, Brent Rivera has starred in the short films Brent Rivera: Doubt Your Doubts (2014), Come on #MakeItHappy (2015), Brent Rivera: Skipping Christmas (2017), and Brent Rivera: Doin’ It Wrong (2019).

He has also guest-starred on episodes of My Royal Summer with Brent Rivera and Ben Azelart, Alexis Joy VIP Access, the Stokes Twins, How to Survive a Break-Up, and Camp Nick. Over 10 million people are subscribed to his MrBrent98 channel, and he also runs several other channels on the platform.

When And Where Was Pierson Wodzynski Born And Raised?

As of 2022, 23-year-old Pierson Wodzynski was born on February 18, 1999. She was raised in a comfortable middle-class Christian home in California, USA. She was born in the United States and identified as a Christian.

She graduated from a high school in California, where she had lived for some time. After that, she went to college in the United States, specifically in the cities of Santa Barbara and El Camino in California.

She has wanted to pursue a profession in the entertainment industry as a model or actress since she was a little girl. She has decided to share her abilities with the world via social media sites such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

What Is Pearson Wodzinski’s Net Worth?

The American TikTok and internet celebrity Pierson Wodzynski. To date (2022), Pierson Wodzynski has amassed $3,000,000 in wealth. She became wealthy through endorsement deals and product placement on her social media sites. Her rise to fame can be directly attributed to her piersonwodzynski TikTok channel, where she posts brief dance and lip-sync videos set to popular tunes.

As a result of her stunning photo and video uploads, she has a sizable following on the photo-sharing app Instagram. She also has a channel on YouTube under her name, to which she posts pranks, challenges, and content-focused vlogs.

How Did Pierson Wodzynski Start Her Career?

Initially, Pierson Wodzynski was successful as a TikToker and social media influencer. She became wildly popular in a short amount of time by posting TikTok videos of herself dancing and lip-syncing to popular tunes.

On her Instagram account, she posts visual works of art that are both stunning and elegant. Her self-titled YouTube channel, where she posts pranks and challenges, has amassed a large following. She has appeared in several stages plays in her community.

What Is Pearson Wodzinski’s Physical Appearance?

Pierson Wodzynski is an adorable young lady with stunning good looks. She has excellent proportions for her size, and her shape is gorgeous and sensual. Her approximate body dimensions are 34-26-37 inches. She stands at about 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs about 60 kilograms. She has long, glossy dark brown hair and stunning dark brown eyes.


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