Who Is Tayler Holder Dating? What Is His Romantic History?

Who Is Tayler Holder Dating: He has supposedly dated Charly Jordan and Kaylyn Slevin in the past, but as of 2022, Who Is Tayler Holder Dating? Tayler Holder is single. And he’s been linked to both Sommer Rae and Dixie D’Amelio!

Tayler Holder (born August 19, 1997) is a singer and internet celebrity from the United States. He became well-known thanks to his shirtless, lip-sync videos posted on TikTok. His breakthrough role was on the Brat series Dirt. From December 2019 to May 2020, he lived at the Hype House.

What Is His Romantic History?

According to rumors circulating online, Chase Hudson, better known as Lil Huddy on TikTok, has linked Taylor to the affair between Griffith Johnson and Tayler’s ex-girlfriend Kaylyn. Who Is Tayler Holder Dating?  Tayler has recently started dating Sommer Ray.

Kaylyn Slevin: Holder began dating Kaylyn Slevin, a member of the notorious social media collective Team 10, in the spring of 2019. The couple broke up in August 2019 and created a YouTube video about the same.

Tayler stated that she did not wish to be in a relationship with Slevin due to the current circumstances. After their breakup, the pair decided to stay friends and continue following one other on social media.

Dixie D’Amelio: Tayler was said to be seeing Dixie D’Amelio after his breakup with Slevin. While residing in the Hype House together before the end of 2019, the pair was active on TikTok. But it looked that the accusations were unfounded since Dixie’s relationship with her “Attaway General” co-star Griffith Johnson was verified.

Kelianne Stankus: For a long time, Tayler’s YouTube channel led viewers to believe he was dating his best friend, Kelianne Stankus. Kelianne is currently dating model Chase Mattson. However, they only posed as a couple in a few of his videos.

Sommer Ray: Tayler allegedly began dating fitness influencer Sommer Ray in May of 2020. In one of his Instagram Live broadcasts, Bryce Hall, a fellow TikToker, reportedly confirmed the relationship. Their apparent breakup in June of 2020 was announced via a tweet by Sommer, which read:

However, they had been spotted together on numerous occasions up until they officially broke up in July 2020, suggesting that their breakup and social media displays of affection may not have been as short-lived. As of 2022, they are no longer in contact with one another and do not follow one another on social media.

Charly Jordan: They started dating in October 2020 and broke up in late 2021. A dispute arose between Tayler and his ex-girlfriend Sommer Ray, who accused him of cheating on her with their new girlfriend, Charly. Ray allegedly “slandered” Jordan online for “four months straight,” which shocked Jordan. They broke up in March of 2021 but appeared to be back together by July. They reconciled by late 2021 but then broke up again.

When And Where Was Tayler Holder Born And Raised?

Tayler Holder
Tayler Holder

In 2022, at 25, Tayler Holder will be born on August 19, 1997. His family, a devout Christian, raised him from birth in the small Texas town of Alvarado. He graduated from Carnegie Vanguard High School in Houston. Afterward finished up his degree at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

He’s always been more interested in extracurriculars than in schoolwork. When it came to sports, he excelled. Even at the tender age of three, he was already racing and competing in motocross races. He did a world tour to see his admirers and play for them. A career as a major celebrity in show business has always been one of his lifelong goals.

What Is Tayler Holder’s Net Worth?

American actor, musician, tik-tok star, and internet celebrity Tayler Holder. Tayler Holder will have a $2 million fortune in 2022. His wealth is the result of his successful music and acting careers. He became famous thanks to the virality of his TikTok videos of lip-syncing to popular songs. His first official release, “Fallback,” came out in August 2018.

Actor Tayler Holder is well-known for his roles as Luke in the American teen fantasy series “Total Eclipse” and the drama series “Dirt” (2018). (2018). According to rumors, he will shortly debut as a model and be seen in multiple modeling projects. As of 2021, Tayler has amassed more than 18 million TikTok fans and 6 million Instagram followers. He joined the TikTok crew The Hype House in 2020.

How Did He Start His Career?

Tayler Holder first gained fame as a TikTok star. After sharing engaging videos on TikTok, he quickly became quite well-known and garnered many followers. With the help of his fellow Hype House residents, he created several entertaining videos. His “Do It Like Me Challenge” video went viral on TikTok. After that, in 2017, he dropped his debut track, titled Who I Am.

Several additional well-known tracks, like “Toes” by DaBaby, “One Wish” by Raj J, “Off the Wall” by XXX Tentacion, and others, all feature his musical touches. On the small screen, he was first seen in the pilot episode of the Brat series Dirt.

He played a significant part in the show and his acting skills were fully displayed. His first solo effort, “Fallback,” was released that same year. Beyond these, he’s also produced other viral videos for the TikTok app and YouTube.

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