Who Is Eva Green Dating? When Did She And Michael Pitt Meet?

Who Is Eva Green Dating:  Eva Green is seeing Tim Burton. The couple has been together for 6 years, 9 months, and 7 days, having first met in 2015. The French actress’s birthday is July 6th, 1980, and she was born in Paris.

Parisian model and actress who appeared in films like Casino Royale and the James Bond’s Kingdom of Heaven. In addition to her roles in Penny Dreadful and The Golden Compass, she has also acted in Camelot and King Arthur. Who Is Eva Green Dating?

Are Eva Green And Tim Burton Still Together?

Tim and Eva attended red carpet events hand in hand throughout 2015. Despite their evident attraction, the couple never confirmed their relationship status. They were seen holding hands and smiling on various occasions, including the “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” and “Dumbo” premieres in Paris.

In 2018, Eva attempted to dispel suspicions that she was dating Tim Burton by saying, “Tim Burton and I are not together, contrary to what people claim,” in an interview with Madame Figaro magazine. What a privilege it was to collaborate with him. He has never told me if I motivate him. He is not the kind to act this way; instead, he is reserved, unassuming, and highly perceptive.

Since Eva’s respect for Tim couldn’t be limited to professional esteem, her fans didn’t buy her explanation and continued to refer to them as a couple. Eva said she would play a mop if Tim Burton asked and loves every script he sends her. According to an interview she gave to Cover Media in 2019, when she was offered the role of Colette Marchant in “Dumbo,” she “felt lucky” to work with “genius Tim Burton” for the third time.

In an interview with Town & Country published in May 2020, she further attempted to deflect and divert attention from her relationship with Burton by referencing his ex-partner, Helena Bonham Carter, as her inspiration and declaring that she was infatuated with her. Since Eva keeps her personal life under wraps, there is no concrete evidence of an affair between her and Tim.

Is Eva Green And Michael Pitt Dating?

In 2002, Bernardo Bertolucci’s new film The Dreamers landed Eva a role. Later, she became friends with co-star Michael Pitt on the film set. Emotions ran high for the two young actors-in-training when they were offered positions in Bertolucci’s movie. Sometime after the production of “The Dreamers” began, they reportedly started dating.

It’s important to note that Eva’s mother, Marlène Jobert, another actress, was more concerned than ever about her daughter’s decision to appear in the film. She warned her daughter not to take such a big chance, citing the example of Maria Schneider, who was committed to an asylum after collaborating with Bernardo Bertolucci on “Last Tango in Paris” in 1972.

Marlène was concerned that Eva might meet the same fate as her, but Green was calm, as she explained in an interview with The Guardian: “You can’t say no to Bertolucci.” The film was released; Eva was doing OK, but her mother still couldn’t relax after working with Bertolucci because of the film’s shockingly high amount of sexual scenes.

Green and Pitt, however, were overjoyed with the result, and they made an appearance at several Parisian film festivals as a duo. They dated from 2002 till 2003, when they broke up after only a year and a half of being together.

Eva’s followers still believe the actors kept playing the lovers Matthew and Isabelle (their characters in “The Dreamers”) in real life to drum up interest for the movie because they never shared details of their affair. No one could deny Eva’s brilliance, regardless of whether or not their connection was real; even Bertolucci admired her performance, saying that she was so beautiful that it was even indecent.

When Did They Meet?

Having previously starred as Arsène Lupin in Jean-Paul Salomé’s 2004 adventure action thriller “Arsène Lupin,” Eva was cast as Sibylla in Ridley Scott’s “The Kingdom of Heaven,” starring Orlando Bloom, Liam Neeson, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Marton Csokas, an experienced and brilliant actor, was on set alongside the A-listers.

Eva Green Dating
Eva Green Dating

Before playing Guy de Lusignan in “Kingdom of Heaven,” Marton had roles in “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King,” “Jack Brown: Genius,” “Xena: Warrior Princess,” “Farscape,” and “The Lost World,” among others. Eva and Marton started dating not long after they began working together on “Kingdom of Heaven,” After a few months, she moved into his house.

They made numerous public appearances, including at the BFI London Film Festival and the Casino Royale after-party. They were frequently seen out and about in both London and Paris, as Eva split her time between the two cities at the time.

Why Did They Break Up?

Marton was in Eva’s life during a pivotal time in her career, and he helped her make the proper choices (which movie to star in, etc.) by encouraging her to listen to her intuition. After auditioning for the character of Vesper Lynd in “Casino Royale” in 2006, Eva was cast as Bond girl number two, opposite Daniel Craig’s James Bond. However, Eva always found it hilarious that Daniel Craig was referred to as the Bond girl.

“He’s the one that comes out of the sea with his shirt off,” she quipped to The Guardian in 2007. It’s no secret that the movie’s producers insisted Eva record the shower scene without any clothes on while waiting for James Bond to return to their hotel room. Despite the producers’ insistence, Eva and Marton fought for her right not to film in a nude state.

Having to film in a nude state was very upsetting’ for Eva, so she was relieved when she was given the option to keep her clothes on during production. While working with Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman in “The Golden Compass” in 2007, Eva got the role of Serafina Pekkala.


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In “Romulus, My Father,” Matron filmed alongside Franka Potente and Eric Bana in Australia. After spending a weekend in Paris with Eva’s parents in January 2007, Marton and Eva called it quits by the end of 2009: “It can be difficult to keep a romance going while you’re separated, filming,” Eva said. Although love remained Eva’s secondary passion after she left Marton, she admitted it was tiring.

And when I love someone, I give them my attention and focus, which is maybe too much of a good thing. She explained her thinking in an interview with The Telegraph, saying, “And then you have to work at it all the time.”

She thinks the beginning of any relationship is exciting and perhaps even a little wild, but the two parties involved eventually become tired of one another. She also revealed in 2012 that she opted to live alone because she ‘wouldn’t be able to live with somebody’ and felt stuck in her skin.

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