Did Bailey And Fern Break Up
Did Bailey And Fern Break Up

Did Bailey And Fern Break Up? What Happened To Them?

If you believe her Twitter bio, Bailey Sarian was born on November 26. More than 388 thousand people follow the social media celebrity on Twitter, 2.9 million on Instagram, 2.5 million on TikTok, and 6.17 million on YouTube. Did Bailey And Fern Break Up?

After a two-month absence, the YouTuber posted a new episode of her Mystery & Makeup series on March 14, 2022. Can’t a girl just have a mental breakdown in peace?” she asked at the beginning of the video. In the same post, Sarian expressed regret for suddenly “vanishing” on her subscribers.

She said that her life had been “turned upside down” in 2022 and “simply wanted a break.” Specifically, she added, “I just need a break because I think that’s a good enough answer.” Bailey’s debut actual crime makeup video, posted in January 2019, received over 60,000 views in less than 24 hours.

“That was fame to me,” she told the Village Voice. After then, I thought, “Maybe this isn’t a one-off. Let me try it again with a different narrative,” Since then, I’ve been making videos and expanding my audience. The official title of her series is Murder Mystery & Makeup.

She has covered high-profile crimes like the murder of Chris Watts in 2018. In addition to her other podcasts, Wheelhouse DNA and Audioboom, Bailey recently debuted one titled Dark History, in which she discusses topics other than an actual crime.

“I’m doing something I’m genuinely enthusiastic about,” she said of the weekly podcast and accompanying film she releases. In this line of work, “I get to research true crime and do makeup “are two of my favorite things… I’ve found an audience that’s very into everything I’m into and I enjoy communicating with my followers.”

Where Is Bailey Sarian Now?

After taking some time away from the spotlight, Bailey Sarian is now back at work. Soon, she’ll start using her accounts on several social networking platforms. She has finally decided to advance in her job. Her followers are getting antsy for her to release her murder mystery makeup tutorial on Monday.

She even pleaded with her fan base to refrain from being cruel and offer Fern encouraging words. With no longer sharing an understanding, the couple decided to part ways.

She’s fortunate to have people who believe in her and cheer her on. Her Twitter and Instagram fans have showered her with encouragement and good vibes in the form of heartfelt tweets, adorable photos, and humorous videos. Fans adore her unique approach to applying makeup and telling the story of the crime.

Did Bailey And Fern Break Up?

Did Bailey And Fern Break Up
Did Bailey And Fern Break Up

As 2022 progressed, Bailey Sarian’s followers started to wonder what the cosmetics tycoon had been up to. For the first time since she disappeared on December 31, 2021, Bailey updated her Facebook status on January 21, 2022, saying, “Sorry I’ve been mia, I’ll give you a life update soon & no I haven’t been okay but I appreciate you for the asking.”

Millions of people saw the post because it was published on both her Instagram and Twitter accounts. Later that day, on Monday, January 24, 2022, Bailey shocked her audience by saying she and her long-term partner, Fern, had broken up.

“Hi. Fern and I broke up. I’ve needed some time to cry it out. But ya, it’s over. Happy 2022,” she tweeted. A few hours later, Bailey elaborated, “Please don’t be rude and send fern horrible messages. I know we usually want there to be a ‘bad guy’ in these situations, but I can tell you, there isn’t one.”

Sometimes in life, you develop in different directions & that’s OKAY. The two of us were brought together for a reason, she wrote. Nonetheless, “now it’s time to find out certain things on our own,” Bailey said. Nothing but love and happiness are what I wish for him, and I will always love him. That’s what he deserves, and so do I and you.

What Happened To Them?

Bailey Sarian has broken up with her boyfriend and is feeling sick. Her fans are likely wondering where she has been lately because she has been absent from social media. Bailey and Fern were forthright about their relationship from the start.

They constantly assured their followers of their undying love by posting goofy images of themselves together. Many people have noticed that she abruptly quit blogging. So many people assumed they were no longer together, which was almost a given.

On her YouTube channel, makeup artist and true crime enthusiast Bailey do cosmetics while discussing a real-life murder mystery. In addition, she has considerable clout on the web.

How Long Were Bailey Sarian And Fern Together?

Bailey Sarian’s long-term companion is named Fern, short for Fernando Valdez. His secret Instagram account boasts over 116,000 followers, and he is well-known in the tattoo and graffiti communities. Bailey went to Fern to get her first tattoo, and that’s how they crossed paths.

They started dating after becoming pals in 2013. They didn’t get engaged until 2016, so it was a long three years. Bailey captioned an Instagram snap of her engagement ring with, “Yeah, I didn’t see it coming.” It is unknown if the two ever tied the wedding, but Hollywood Mask reports that admirers believe they secretly did so in the year 2021.

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