Did Dmx and Aaliyah Date? Was Once Married?


Aaliyah Aaliyah was the stage name of Dana Haughton, an American singer, actress, dancer, and model. Aaliyah, a deceased American actress, is best recognized for influencing and improving R&B. Haughton gained the moniker “Princess of R&B” and “Queen of Urban Pop” for her contributions to Contemporary R&B.

The death of the Romeo Must Die star in an aviation disaster has drawn the “loudest” condolences and broken the hearts of her many fans. Like after her terrible demise, many began to question who she had dated before her passing. And right now, the public is quite interested in learning about Aaliyah’s dating life. Let’s explore her dating history and discover how she passed away without further ado.

Did Dmx and Aaliyah Date?

No, Aaliyah and DMX didn’t date. Due to the strong affinity the two had together. There had been rumors regarding their relationship. The two, however, never made their relationship official.

DMX discussed his bond with Aaliyah in an interview. She had a significant presence on television, he observed. It was sexual but also a little gangster. She was approachable and realistic. You were at ease around Aaliyah and with yourself, thanks to her. That mix is just fantastic.

Dmx and Aaliyah Dating
Dmx and Aaliyah Dating

Together, they appeared in a film and contributed to “Come Back in One Piece.” Fans fell in love with the couple and pondered whether they were developing feelings for one another. The two, however, never made this official.

Who Was Aaliyah Dating Before Her Death? Know Her Relationship Status!

And if you’re still wondering who Aaliyah was dating before she tragically passed away, let us remind you that numerous sources indicated that she allegedly saw Damon Dash.

As a co-founder of Roc-A-Fella alongside Jay Z and Kareem Burke, Damon Dash is well known. Although not much is known about their relationship, it was rumored that Dash dated her until passing and had already planned to wed Aaliyah.

Aaliyah Death Cause! Was Once Married?

Aaliyah, Queen of the Damned star, perished on August 25, 2001, in a plane crash near Marsh Harbour, Bahamas. The overloaded aircraft crashed shortly after departure. It was later discovered. She also reportedly passed away with the other nine occupants of the plane, as mentioned above, according to reports. She was 22 when she passed away.

Have you ever considered the possibility that she was married? She was married to R. Kelly in 1994. She married her spouse when she was 15, using a fake ID claiming she was 18. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t survive very long, and they decided to divorce. The late American actress didn’t have any other children with her ex-husband, different from that. The late singer allegedly had a loving involvement with Jay Z. When Aaliyah and Damon began dating. The rumor later stopped being true.

Aaliyah Rise to fame

Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number, the debut album by Aaliyah, was released in 1994. Her uncle Hankerson signed her to Jive and Blackground Records. Singer R. Kelly, at the time, served as both Aaliyah’s mentor and the album’s principal songwriter and producer. Two hit singles from the album were “Back & Forth” and “At Your Best (You Are Love),” respectively. The Recording Industry Association of America awarded double platinum certification to Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number (RIAA).

One in a Million, the singer’s sophomore album, was released in 1996, two years later. The Billboard Hot 100 chart’s No. 1 position was reached by the title track. Her third and final studio album, Aaliyah, was released in 2001. Aaliyah scored four No. 1 singles by the time her musical career ended, and 12 of her songs debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Aaliyah Net Worth

How wealthy was Aaliyah then? According to sources, Aaliyah reportedly has a net worth of $10 million. There is little doubt that Aaliyah’s career as a singer and actor contributed the most to this amount of money. Throughout her ten-year career, she accomplished a lot because of her highly talented personality. She tragically passed away, preventing her from achieving more or winning more fame.


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Aaliyah began taking voice lessons when she was a young child. She soon started performing at various gatherings and even taking part in plays. Aaliyah afterward started giving auditions for other shows and commercials.

DMX Biography

The professional name DMX is Earl Simmons, born in Mount Vernon, New York, on December 18, 1970. Arnett Simmons, who gave birth to him when she was 19 years old, reared him. Simmons’ family moved to Yonkers, New York, when he was five. He had a challenging upbringing in the Jehovah’s Witness community. His mother and her boyfriends mistreated him.

Simmons was expelled from school in the fifth grade and spent more than a year at the Julia Dyckman Andrus Children’s Home. Years later, as a teenager, he returned to a different boys’ home.


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