Who Is Jerri Manthey’s Husband? Who Has She Dated?

Jerri Manthey is an American reality television personality, yoga teacher, and event producer who has appeared in Mr. Lucke, The Joe Schmo, Survivor Series, The Sueral Life, Widowmaker, and The Sueral Life. Additionally, she posed for publications like Playboy and HOOTER.

Who Is Jerri Manthey?

In September 1970, Jerri Manthey was born in Stuttgart, West Germany. She gained her greatest fame as a star of a season of the reality television program Survivor. Manthey participated in the TV competitions for the seasons of Survivor: The Australian Outback, Survivor All-Stars, and Survivor: Heroes vs.

Villains. While pursuing her dream of becoming an actress, she worked at Hooters as a bartender. Additionally, Manthey has made appearances in episodes of the TV shows The Joe Schmo Show, Blind Date, and The Surreal Life. She published a naked photo in Playboy magazine in 2001. She argued with the flight crew in 2010 and was kicked from the plane.

She has acted in several movies, including the shorts The Limited, Commitment Pledge, Widowmaker, and This Is Family, as well as the features Density, Mr. Lucke, and Chloe’s Prayer. Manthey received a Teen Choice Award nomination in 2004 for Choice Reality/Variety Jackass.

Who Is Jerri Manthey’s Husband?

Jerri Manthey had already been divorced from both of her marriages. The actress married Tony Krebil for the first time when she was just 19 years old in 1989, but they tragically divorced a year later due to their insurmountable differences.

Jerri’s second wedding occurred in Alabama Hills, California, on July 14, 2012. Lex van den Berghe, an All-Star tribe member, officiated the private wedding ceremony.

Manthey was 42 at the time, and just like in her first marriage, they attempted to maintain their union but ultimately divorced. In addition, Jerri steadfastly declined to disclose the identity of her second ex-husband or the precise reason for their divorce.


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She shares photos of her time with her male friends and is tight with most of her male coworkers as of 2022. She may enjoy being alone and living in Los Angeles with her gorgeous pet dog, Rocki.

Who Is Lex Van Den Berghe?

Lex van den Berghe was born in Palo Alto, California, and is now a Santa Cruz, California resident. He has a strong history in marketing and most recently worked as the director of marketing for an online business. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Santa Clara University in 1985 after working as a DJ at the college radio station.

Van den Berghe is a seasoned traveler who speaks good French. He has visited Kenya, Japan, Israel, and all of Europe. His interests include fishing, surfing, music, and spending time with his wife and kids. In the band Luckydog, he sings and plays the drums. He proudly displays the many works of art inked on his arms, legs, and torso, admitting to having a solid appreciation for tattoos.

Kelly and Lex van den Berghe has been wed for ten years. River and Corbin, their two sons, are brothers. They also have two cats, Max and Lucy, and two dogs, Lucky and Daisy. He was born on June 18.

Who Has Jerri Manthey Dated?

Joe Rogan, an American podcaster and commentator for the UFC on Pay Per View, and Jerri previously had a relationship. Before either Jerri or Joe had a career breakthrough, they started dating in 1997.


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It’s unclear how the former lovers first connected, but Joe allegedly cheated on her, leading to their breakup in 2003. “We used to fight a lot. I wanted to have sex with different girls, hence the reason. Look, I set her up with a friend of mine. “On The Howard Stern Show, Joe admits to having an affair with her.

During Day 1 of Season 20, Benjamin ‘Coach’ Wade was also photographed holding hands with Joe Jerri and other members of the Villains Tribe. Despite the incident spreading stories at camp, both parties denied it, claiming there was no official agreement between them. However, the two avoided eye contact and referred to each other as trustworthy equivalents.

What Is Jerri Manthey’s Total Net Worth?

Jerri Manthey has a $1.5 million estimated net worth. Her primary source of income has been her successful career as the host of RTV Zone Survivor Recap since 2012. Jerri also receives compensation for creating handcrafted antique jewelry using cutlery from the 1990s.

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