When Did Young Lyric Announce Her Pregnancy?


Young Lyric: Born on July 30, 2000, in Houston, Texas, Young Lyric is a rising star in the hip-hop scene. Now 20 years old, Young Lyric has reached a significant milestone in his life. Her African-American mother and American father gave birth to her. Young Lyric Pregnant

Lyric is an American of afro-diverse ancestry. Little Lyric’s given name is Lyric Mitchell Ragston. Since she entered the business at such a tender age, she simply added “Young” to her given name. Lyric has a sister called Haley Ragston. There is also a brother in her life, albeit we don’t know his name.

When And Where Was She Born And Raised?

Lyric was born to an American family in Houston on July 30, 2000. Her birth sign is Leo, and her name is Lyric Michelle Ragston. She attended an exclusive high school in Houston and eventually graduated. There is, however, no indication of whether or not she pursued tertiary education. She is a mash-up of several cultures (Black-Mexican). However, information regarding her relatives is scant.

Both of her musically-inclined parents and an uncle share that talent. The two of them inspired her to pursue music seriously. She has never been married and is still single. Shakur Stevenson, a professional boxer, is her boyfriend, nevertheless.

In October 2021, Lyric posted a photo on Instagram announcing her pregnancy. Plans for the pair include raising a daughter. Looking at her dating history, you’ll see that she dated the famous rapper NBA YoungBoy. She’s been in a relationship before, though.

Who Is Young Lyric Dating Right Now?

Many sexually explicit photos may be seen on young Lyric’s Instagram account. It’s not surprising that this stunningly attractive and sexually alluring young lady has many male admirers. There’s a problem with her present relationship status. Young Lyric has been mum on the subject of potential romantic interest. This surprising level of secrecy comes from Lyric, who is always so forthcoming with information about her life.

Regardless, there appears to be no proof that Lyric is currently dating and hiding a secret partner. In reality, being single is just how it seems right now. Despite the lack of evidence, one occurrence strongly suggests Lyric once had a lover.

Who Is Shakur Stevenson?

American boxer Ash-Shakur Nafi-Shahid Stevenson was born on June 28, 1997. He has held the WBO super featherweight title since 2021, the WBC and Ring magazine super featherweight titles since April 2022, and the WBO featherweight title from 2019 to 2020, making him a world champion in two weight classes.

Silver in the bantamweight division at the 2016 Summer Olympics was rewarded for his efforts as a representative of the United States in that tournament. As of June 2022, he is considered the top active super featherweight in the world by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, BoxRec, and ESPN.

When Did Young Lyric Pregnant?

Young Lyric Pregnant
Young Lyric Pregnant

There was a report that Young Lyric, who was 16 at the time, had become pregnant and then had an abortion in early 2017. These contradictory reports originated from Miss Mulatto, one of her contemporarily prominent female rapper competitors. Miss Mulatto highlighted Young Lyric’s pregnancy and subsequent abortion in her diss track.

Everyone was wondering if Young had become pregnant and, if so, who the father was, but she flatly refuted the rumors. The two went on a Twitter rant against each other later. Mullato responded to Young Lyric’s tweet, which implied that Mulatto was dishonest.

Mullato has said that Young Lyric was beaten by her parents after they learned of the pregnancy. And I ended up having an abortion after that. Young Lyric has yet to find evidence to support this claim. At age 20, Lyric is wholly dedicated to her job and personal development.

When Did Young Lyric Announce Her Pregnancy?

The Texan Lyric, born Lyric Michell Ragston on July 30, 2000, is a young star. Young Lyric has dominated the music scene since she first appeared on it at the tender age of seven. In 2019, NBA YoungBoy dated the star of the Lifetime series The Rap Game. But before it was over, their brief romance became the target of cruel jokes on the internet.

Shakur Stevenson was quickly replaced by Lyric. A professional boxer from Jersey, he is the current WBO interim junior lightweight champion. At the 2016 Summer Olympics, he helped the United States take silver. In December 2020, Lyric and Shakur made their romance Instagram official. They are rarely seen together in public and rarely appear on each other’s social media. Fans, however, cannot get enough of this duo.


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The hip-hop star and her partner Stevenson are expecting their first child. On October 17, they announced a pregnancy pictorial posted on Instagram. Michell didn’t give anything away in her post or in the comments of Shakur’s Instagram other than a cryptic allusion to the word emoji. But Shakur spilled the beans that they’re having a girl, and now the proud papa can’t hide his joy.

Neither has shared Lyric’s estimated due date or her current gestational age. Young Lyric has been the subject of persistent pregnancy rumors over the past few years, all of which she has always denied. She’s expecting her first child, and she’s also a first-time mom.


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