Who is Officer Tatum’s Wife? Know About Married Life in 2022!

Former football player and police officer Brandon Tatum, also known as Officer Tatum, is a conservative political commentator in the United States. Officer Tatum, a Fort Worth, Texas native, joined Liftable Media in 2017 after leaving the Tucson Police Department.

The Western Journal and The Conservative Tribune are owned and operated by Officer Tatum. The Western Journal now includes the Conservative Tribune in its operations. Late in 2019, Tatum launched his media business and hasn’t looked back since. Officer Tatum, a well-known name in the conservative community, also manages a YouTube channel. Tatum is famous among conservatives, as seen by the more than 1.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Due to his fame, many admirers and followers are curious about his personal life and want to learn more about him. Many know that Officer Tatum is married, but some are still unsure who Brandon Tatum’s wife is. So let’s find out Officer Tatum’s wife immediately and stop wasting time.

Officer Tatum’s Wife

Please wait a moment; we know you’re all eager to find out who Brandon Tatum is married to. Therefore, we’ll stop trying your patience and reveal her identity. Brandon Tatum’s life and business partner Corinne Tatum is married to Officer Tatum.

Officer Tatum Wife
Officer Tatum Wife

Numerous social media sites for Corinne Tatum indicate that she is a co-owner and the chief financial officer of “The Officer Tatum LLC” Corinne has a strong resume, and her “experience” tab on LinkedIn makes it clear that she is on the rise. Later, we’ll talk more about her professional background, but for now, let’s learn more about Officer Tatum and his wife, Corrine Tatum.

Officer Tatum’s Wife’s Professional Career

Here’s what we meant when we said Corinne Tatum had had a great résumé previously. Her LinkedIn page states that she has been employed at The Officer Tatum LLC since 2019 as a strategist, event planner, social media director, and manager of marketing and booking.

Furthermore, Corinne has a wealth of additional professional expertise. From 2004 to 2019, she spent 15 years working as a “Training and Development Consultant” at Luxottica. She mentioned that she graduated from the University of San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Officer Tatum is well-known online, so it stands to reason that his wife is also famous. On Instagram, Corinne Tatum has a whopping 109,000 followers, which is astounding. Although she has fewer followers than Brandon, she is still very active, and it is anticipated that her numbers will continue to grow. That’s all for now; check back with BAE Magazine for more information about your favorite celebrities.

Brandon Tatum’s Political Career

To work with Liftable Media, a conservative content company that owns and runs The Western Journal and The Conservative Tribune, Tatum left the Tucson Police Department in October 2017. Before starting his own media company in late 2019, he first served as director of urban engagement for the conservative advocacy organization Turning Point USA.

He has more than 1.8 million subscribers to his “Officer Tatum” YouTube account. He had more than 326 million total views as of March 2022. Tatum has additionally appeared as a panelist on Candace Owens’ political program Candace.

Officer Tatum Height

According to measurements, he is roughly 6 feet and 1 inch tall, or 182 cm. He is also said to weigh around 172 pounds, approximately equivalent to 78 kg. His body has the following measures: 45-35-16 inches. His body’s other pertinent information is not now accessible online.

Officer Tatum Education

In 2005, Tatum attended Dunbar High School and received his diploma. He excelled at football there and was quite excellent at it. He also completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Arizona. As it should be recalled, Officer Tatum double majored in sociology and business leadership for his undergraduate degree.

Brandon Tatum Early Life

Tatum, a Texas native, played high school football and was an All-American. Bobby Tatum, his father, served as the Fort Worth Fire Department captain. Jack Tatum, his great-uncle, won the Super Bowl with the Oakland Raiders while playing in the NFL and was an All-American at Ohio State. Bio, wealth, age, spouse, and kids for actor Brandon Tatum

The US-Army All-American Game, which features the country’s top 78 high school football players, included Tatum. In 2004, Tatum agreed to play while receiving a full athletic scholarship from the University of Arizona. Tatum spent five years playing at Arizona before declaring for the 2010 NFL Draft.

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