What is the Net Worth of Whitney Wild? Is She Married?

Whitney Wild is a law enforcement correspondent from Washington, DC, named Whitney Eleanor Wild. She covers law enforcement organizations in the capital, such as the Secret Service and Capitol Police. Former CNN Newsource correspondent Wild provided live reporting and digital material for the platform’s more than 1,000 local news partners.

Over more than 13 years in journalism, Wild has covered topics ranging from shocking 2021 capital riots to sexual predators and terrorism. She has also won many critical journalistic honors. Learn everything about her career accomplishments and some exquisite details about her personal life, including information on her husband, her marriage, her children, and much more.

Whitney Wild Graduated From The University of Michigan

On January 21st, 1988, Wild was born in Michigan. Her life hasn’t been well-documented much yet. But it’s thought that she spent her formative years in Michigan. 2010 graduating class member Whitney Wild attended the University of Michigan. She earned a degree in comparative literature with a sub-concentration in Italian language and literature and is a member of the fraternity Sigma Kappa. According to her LinkedIn profile, Wild earned her master’s degree in journalism, reporting, and business from Northwestern University.

Whitney Wild’s Career As A Reporter

In March 2007, Whitney started her work as an intern at the Ann Arbor Film Festival. She produced news releases for regional and international media outlets. Wild began to write for the Michigan Independent three years later. She was hired at the Michigan Daily at the same time to work as a staff reporter.

Whitney Wild
Whitney Wild

She worked as an intern in May 2010 with the Detroit production crew of WTVS. For the Michigan gubernatorial debate in 2010, Wilde was in charge of all WTVS social media. For the electronic voter guide MiVote, she also spoke with Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and other legislators.

Wild Interviewed The Team That Caught Boston Bombing Suspect

The University of Michigan alumnus joined Fox Sports as a production assistant in September 2010. She began reporting for ABC 7 (WLJA-TV) in the Washington, DC, metro area a year later, in December 2011. Her work as a multimedia journalist for ABC led to the U.S. Marshals apprehending a child sex offender due to her reporting. As a reporter for WLJA-TV, Whitney was granted access to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Special Response Team, which brought down the culprit in the Boston Marathon bombing.

The former Northwestern University student won the Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcasters Association Award for Outstanding TV Multimedia Journalism in June 2013 for the collection of day-turn stories.

Wild Is The Recipient Of Two Emmys

Wild broke numerous stories while working as a reporter for Denver’s Kusa or 9 news. For her reporting on the anniversary and meeting of two survivors of an aircraft crash during Operation Babylift, she was honored with a Heartland Chapter Emmy Award. The one that President Gerald Ford had instructed in 1975 to bring hundreds of youngsters out of war-torn Vietnam.

Whitney revealed a sharp decline in Denver’s DUI enforcement and traffic unit when she was there. She also used exclusive interviews and films to highlight the increasing hash oil craze. The literature student was a member of the investigation team at WUSA 9 in Washington, D.C.

For her reporting on discriminatory property advertising and rental practices affecting holders of federally subsidized housing vouchers, she was honored with an Emmy Award from the National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter. Her reporting prompted lawmakers in the nation’s capital to step up efforts to stop housing discrimination based on income. Erin Burnett OutFront and Morning Express With Robin Meade featured Wild.

Is Whitney Wild Married?

Wild is married. In actuality, she is a mother of three kids. The Washington DC communicator has not yet made her husband public, though. Although she has occasionally been seen wearing a wedding band, Wild hardly discusses her marriage. The Emmy-winning reporter mentioned her hubby in April 2020, albeit relatively peripheral. Wild also addressed her husband when discussing a situation in which her kids misinterpreted her for swearing.

The ex-9, a news reporter, tweeted. Although the actual name of the father of her children is still unknown, she has only mentioned her relationship once up to this point. Additionally, her spouse and the broader public have less access to information about her family company due to her Instagram’s exclusivity. Wild, a mother of two, struggled to nurse her children.

What is the Net Worth of Whitney Wild?

Before Wild decides to continue disclosing her earnings or pay, even in the most general sense, it may still be some time. Whatever the situation, the blonde reporter must receive a hefty salary for all her reporting and investigation work. After all, working as a news anchor has always been rewarding, mainly if you work in television and represent a major media organization.

Whitney may not be one of the A-listers who make the most money in the news business, but based on the figures on her paychecks, she unquestionably falls into the category of substantial earners. According to estimations, Whitney’s net worth is between $1 million and $3 million as of 2021.

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