What Is Frank Billingsley’s Salary And Net Worth? When Did He Start His Career?

Frank Billingsley: Frank Billingsley, born on June 22, 1960, has been KPRC-Chief TV’s Meteorologist for many years. He is also an author. KPRC-TV is affiliated with NBC. Radar the Weather Dog with Frank was the first thing that brought him to the public’s attention. Frank Billingsley Salary

Frank is also well-known for writing a book on his search for his birth parents, titled Swabbed & Found: An Adopted Man’s DNA Journey to Discover his Family Tree. Frank Billingsley, Chief Meteorologist of KPRC-TV for almost two decades, is also a novelist. In the book Swabbed & Found: An Adopted Man’s DNA Journey to Discover, Frank also wrote his Family Tree.

How Old Is Frank Billingsley?

As of the year 2020, Frank Billingsley will be 60 years old. He was born on June 22, 1960, in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. His birthdate is June 22nd, and he has the Cancer zodiac sign.

What Is Frank Billingsley’s Salary And Net Worth?

Frank Billingsley’s annual compensation range as KPRC’s lead meteorologist is $29,679 to $71,424. These estimates, however, may be vastly different depending on the employee’s seniority. We will keep an eye out and update this section if we have more information regarding Billingsley’s salary and net worth. The range of speculation on Frank Billingsley’s wealth is between $100,000 to $500,000 at now.

All of his resources and earnings fall under this category. His work as a meteorologist provides the bulk of his income. Billingsley has amassed a considerable fortune from various sources, but he chooses to live frugally. Frank Billingsley Salary

How Are Frank Billingsley’s Parents?

What Is Frank Billingsley Salary
What Is Frank Billingsley Salary

In a typical American household, both parents gave birth to Frank Billingsley. But when he was just a year old, his mother abandoned him and his younger brother into the care of a nanny. Because of this, Billingsley was eventually adopted and brought up in Mountain Brook, Alabama. After adulthood, Billingsley set out to track down his biological parents, only to run into himself.

Because of Frank’s efforts, Phil Shapiro, his biological father, was able to meet him, and he was also connected with his birth mother. In addition, after tracing his family tree, Frank documented his experience in a book titled Swabbed & Found: An Adopted Man’s DNA Journey to Discover his Family Tree.

Who Is Frank Billingsley’s Partner?

Frank’s sexual orientation is entirely out in the open. Kevin Gilliard, Frank Billingsley’s attractive spouse and partner at Compucom Internet Solutions is an HR expert. On December 12th, 2012, at 8:12 a.m., Billingsley wed his longtime companion Kevin Gilliard in a joyful ceremony attended by 70 of their closest friends and family members.

The happy pair exchanged vows at 8:12 p.m. on August 12, 1995, twelve years after their first meeting. Kevin Billingsley’s ex-wife gave birth to a son they named Morgan. On top of that, Frank takes care of Kevin’s son, who was only seven when his parents met. Also, Frank and Morgan are on good terms, and Morgan always sends him lovely Father’s Day cards. Frank’s partner Kevin and him have recently settled in Houston.

Since the pair wanted to get married but couldn’t do it in their home state of Texas, they had to go to New York City for the ceremony. Frank spoke of his joy in his marriage and the impending legalization of same-sex unions in the country.

Even Frank admits that the day he tied the knot was the happiest of his entire life. At KPRC Channel 2 in 1995, Billingsley met his future husband, Kevin Gilliard. Before they chose to be married, the two had been friends for 17 years.

When Did Frank Start His Career?

Billingsley entered the television industry in 1982, first in Virginia and then in Texas, as a meteorologist. In February 1995, he began working as the chief meteorologist at KPRC 2 in Houston. During 1986, while employed at WLOX. He worked for WLOX for two years before moving to KTRK-TV in 1989, and he has since made Houston his permanent residence. From 2003 to 2006, he co-hosted Frank’s Radar the Weather Dog.

Frank has been honored by the Associated Press as Best Weathercaster no less than seven times throughout his career. He was honored by the Dallas Press Club, four times by the Houston Press Club, and once by the Los Angeles Press Club. The Houston Chronicle has recognized Frank as the Ultimate Weatherman. His 35th year in the field of meteorology was commemorated in September 2017.

His breakthrough came in 1995 when he was hired as the head meteorologist at KPRC 2. Since then, his professional success has only increased. A Weather Ecology Specialist at Ecology Communcations Group Inc., he worked there from 2013 to 2014.

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