What Is Victor Blackwell Net Worth? Is Victor Blackwell Married?

Victor Blackwell: As a co-host of CNN Newsroom alongside Alisyn Camerota, Victor Blackwell is a prominent figure in American television news. Victor is a former student and employee of Howard University’s public radio station, where he studied for and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism. Victor Blackwell Net Worth

Like many others on his channel, Blackwell has received numerous awards. He has been recognized with several prestigious awards, including the 2009 Emmy, the Regional Emmys in 2007, 2008, and 2011, and the Edward R. Murrow Award.

However, Victor Blackwell is currently single, has publicly declared his sexual orientation to be gay, and advocates for equality for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Since Victor is succeeding professionally, many are curious about his financial situation. Let’s take a quick peek at Victor Blackwell’s finances without further ado.

When And Where Was Victor Born & Raised?

U.S. journalist Victor Blackwell entered the world in Baltimore on September 25, 1981. Though nothing is known about Victor’s background, he appears to have a close relationship with his mother based on the many images of the two that he has shared on social media.

For example, in an interview with Baltimore Magazine, Victor mentioned that his mum always sends him a text message after his performance. He said his mother gave him a choice between joining the military, getting a job, or going to college when he was a young boy. And he (Victor) decided to enroll in the university.

Victor Blackwell Net Worth
Victor Blackwell Net Worth

During his time at Milford Mill Academy, he served as class president. Then, Victor attended Howard University in Washington, D.C., where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism. Victor worked at Howard University’s public television station WHUT-TV while he was a student and continued in that role after graduating.

Victor Blackwell, a journalist and Emmy winner was named one of his university’s top 150 distinguished graduates in 2016. According to his wiki page, Victor is of American nationality and Afro-American ancestry. His birthday is September 25th, and he was born under the sign of Libra.

To put Victor Blackwell’s height into perspective, he is roughly 1.82m (or 6 feet) tall. Additionally, in 2007, Victor Blackwell had laparoscopic gastric banding and promptly shed over 130 pounds due to the operation.

What Is Victor Blackwell Net Worth?

Victor must have amassed quite a wealth during his decades-long career at CNN, where he was among the most nominated and recognized journalists. Further, Blackwell must compensate him handsomely because he has worked for some of the most prestigious news outlets, like WTLV, WPBF, etc.

During his run-in with the U.S. president, Donald Trump, he also became a celebrity, during which he defended Baltimore against the president’s ‘infested’ comments. Therefore, the wiki claims that Victor Blackwell, one of the most well-known news anchors, Victor Blackwell Net Worth of $1 million. In addition, he increased his income by $2,300 thanks to a 2001 Wheel of Fortune win.

What Is The Salary Of Victor Blackwell?

Before we were even born, Victor was already working as a journalist. While a college student, he completed an internship at WHUT-TV, the public television station serving Howard University. As the first Black primary television anchor at WPBF in West Palm Beach, he made history before joining CNN in 2012. Later in 2013, Blackwell’s reporting on the mysterious death of a teenager named Kendrick Johnson drew national attention and sparked an investigation by the ‘Office of the Secretary of State of Georgia.’ The success of New Day on Saturday and Sunday led to Victor’s promotion to co-host in 2014.

Victor worked relentlessly for CNN for almost 9 years, yet he never gave up. Starting in 2021, Blackwell and Alisyn Camerota will share anchoring duties for CNN Newsroom’s two-hour afternoon program. As a result of Victor’s status as one of CNN’s most prominent journalists, the network provides him with a generous salary of $20,000 to $100,000 per year.

What Are The Assets Possessed By Victor Blackwell?

According to what we can gather, Victor is a low-key guy who doesn’t like to flaunt his wealth. Therefore, details regarding his possessions are hard to come by. It is, nevertheless, generally accepted that he maintains a residence somewhere in the heart of Los Angeles. To this point, though, he has not been able to confirm anything.

Is Victor Blackwell Married?

News anchor at CNN who is openly gay. Even though Victor Blackwell is not married, he is pretty secretive about his personal life. He has always been coy about his relationship status, never saying whether he is taken or not. On December 21, 2013, he revealed his sexual orientation live on air to co-host Sandy Brown and special guest Jimmy Alexander.

Despite this, rumor has it that Victor does have a godson. Gettin’ a refill of my godson, @sweetbabymason, Victor captioned an Instagram video of the two on October 4, 2018. Plus, we see that his godson Manson has an older sibling, thanks to a perusal of his Instagram account.

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