What Is Abby Eden’s Net Worth In 2022?

37-year-old American journalist and broadcaster Abby Eden has won numerous journalism awards. She is an anchor for FOX 4’s morning news. She has won multiple honors because of her dedication and zeal. Learn more about this honor-winning anchor by reading on.

Who Is Abby Eden?

On January 6, 1985, Abby Eden was born in Omaha, Nebraska. She is currently 37 years old. Jon Eden is her father, while Paula Eden is her mother.

She has three sisters: Jennifer, Courtney, Annette, and her parents. She additionally attended the University of Missouri. She earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a concentration in radio and television in 2007.

Eden initially desired to become an actress, though. Her father also recommended that she give something else a shot. Eden decided to become a news anchor at the age of five. Eden’s parents were there for her throughout her entire career. Naturally, Eden attributes much of her success to her parents as a news anchor.

 How Did Abby Eden’s Career Begin?

Award-winning journalist and anchor Abby Eden. Abby held many part-time jobs throughout her early years. For Glimpse, she was a sandwich maker. In a similar vein, Eden served in at least six different restaurants.

She was still working two other jobs while waiting tables at tanning salons and filling in as a teacher when she eventually landed a job as a reporter. After receiving her degree, she began working at KOMU-TV, where she learned everything from photography, editing, production, and anchoring.

She also began working as an intern in Buenos Aires for a non-profit organization. She worked as an anchor and reporter for KETK-TV and KFX in her very first position in this industry. She spent her entire three-year employment with his station.

Additionally, Eden started working for WDAF-TV in Kansas City as a multimedia journalist. The 37-year-old anchor joined FOX 4 in 2011. Her career underwent a significant change at this point. Monday through Friday, from 4:30 am to 9:00 am, Abby began her job as an anchor for FOX 4’s morning news program.

What Awards Receives Abby Eden?

Abby is an accomplished journalist, as was already mentioned. In addition to numerous Emmy nominations, she has won honors, including the Emma and Jordan media awards.

Additionally, the Regional Murrow Award from 2016 is among the most distinguished and well-respected honors that Eden has earned. Similarly, the award above served as recognition for her excellent journalism performance.

Who Is Abby Eden’s Husband?

Yes! Tyler Curry, an engineer by trade, is blissfully married to award-winning host Abby Eden. Tyler Curry, Eden’s long-term partner, proposed to her in April 2016 and asked her to be his wife. Abby snapped a picture after answering yes and posted it on Facebook to let everyone know she was engaged.

The couple got hitched the same year. On November 26, 2016, at Kansas City’s Catholic Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, Eden and Tyler exchanged vows in a small-scale wedding ceremony.


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 On their wedding day, Tyler Curry and Abby Eden were accompanied by their fathers as they made their way down the aisle. When Tyler first saw Abby in her wedding dress, he sobbed excitedly.

Additionally, the couple has welcomed two lovely children into the world since marriage. In May 2018, their eldest child was born. Dorothy Ann is the name she goes by. Additionally, the second child of the pair was born in 2020. His given name was Atticus.

Is Abby Eden A Mother Yet?

Yes! Baby boy is the third kid that Abby is carrying! She announced her happy news on her social media platforms. Similarly, her supporters and fans poured their love and well wishes into the comment area.

Their son is expected in October, as Eden stated in her message. Fortunately, she had a healthy pregnancy. On October 14, 2021, Abby and Tyler welcomed a son as their third child. Their child was given the name Ellis Benedict.

What Is Abby Eden’s Net Worth In 2022?

The renowned anchor has been working in journalism for more than ten years. Throughout her career, Eden has amassed a tremendous fortune for herself.

She consequently earns $42,000 to $60,000 on average year. She is thought to have a net worth of between $3 million and $5 million. These figures, however, serve only as a general estimate of her net worth.

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