‘Love Is Blind’ Star Shaina Hurley Is Engaged To Boyfriend Christos Lardakis After Her Divorce From Kyle Abrams.

Christos Lardakis: Very little is known about his early life to the general public. His date of birth is April 8th, 1982. Chris Lardakis will turn 40 years old in September 2022. He stands about 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs around 65 kg.

His hair is black in tone, and his eyes are alluring. Chris Lardakis is a Caucasian American citizen with ancestry in the Caucasus. DePaul University awarded Chris Lardakis a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Little is known about the courses he’s already taken. He has proven to be a driven and conscientious businessman up until this point. In addition, he has a well-known television persona.

Shaina Hurley Is Engaged to Boyfriend Christos Lardakis

Shaina Hurley and her boyfriend, Christos Lardakis, are prepared to move forward in their relationship. Exclusive information from PEOPLE reveals that the Love Is Blind actor, 32, is engaged. The couple plans to get married this summer in Greece after Lardakis proposed on Thursday.

“Shaina is engaged. This is the happiest I’ve ever seen her, and she’s been dating Christos for about a year, “sources said. He has been there for her throughout the Love Is Blind drama, keeping her steady through the turmoil. According to the source, Hurley “has found a man who loves her and understands her.” She deserves nothing less, the source continues.

One day after Hurley first introduced Lardakis to followers on Instagram on Sunday, the couple announced their engagement. She shared many images from the couple’s vacation in Greece. Hurley made his television debut as a participant in Love Is Blind’s second season. She made friends with Kyle Abrams and Shayne Jansen while in the pods. But she ultimately decided to marry Abrams, 29, while Jansen, 32, moved on to Natalie Lee. (Jansen and Lee, 29, eventually got divorced.)

Shaina Engaged
Shaina Engaged

Hurley eventually canceled the date and fled the performance. She was later apologetic to Abrams for prolonging their connection during the season 2 reunion. “In retrospect, I realize I should have rejected you immediately. Without a doubt, “She at the moment told her ex-fiance. “I genuinely accept complete responsibility. I could have completely avoided a tonne of trouble and chaos. That’s something I possess.” Hurley continued, I’m genuinely sorry that it was led on more than it should have been. Netflix is currently offering Love Is Blind season 2 for streaming.

Shaina Hurley Education

Shaina’s educational experience includes high school, where she graduated with good grades, allowing her to enter college. She then enrolled at a local university, where she completed her bachelor’s degree in the field of her choice.

Shaina Hurley Parents, Siblings

Her devoted parents raised Hurley in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. Sharon Hurley is her mother, and Mr. Dave Hurley is her father. The parents of Shaina have been married for 40 years. Sarah Queckboerner (Hurley), who is happily married to Chad Queckboerner, is her sister.

Shaina Hurley Love is Blind: Season 2 of After the Altar

Hurley was a cast member of the second season of the popular dating series on Netflix, where individuals communicate with one another for a few days before becoming engaged.

During the show, Shaina, a devout Christian, got engaged to Kyle Abrams, an atheist. Even as she was on Love is Blind, she questioned their relationship, and they called it quits in the show’s sixth episode. Shaina had feelings for other people on the show, and in the teaser for Love is Blind: After the Altar, she can talk to Shayne.

In addition, six gorgeous couples are shown on the New brand show so that viewers may assess the chemistry between them and compare their actions to match them with their respective spouses.

Shaina Hurley’s Net Worth

Hurley is estimated to be worth at least $1 million. Nevertheless, her primary source of income comes from her work as a stylist.

Family of Christos Lardakis

Sia and George K. Lardakis’ son, Christos Lardakis, was born into the world. He was already 78 years old when his mother gave birth to him. Sia is the owner of the Chicago, Illinois, location of Devon Hair Design and House of Beauty. George, born in December 1948 and today 74 years old, is continuing in his father’s footsteps. Peter Lardakis, the older brother of Chris Lardakis, just got married to Kayla Sanford, who is also his wife.


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After working together for a few months at the Peter and Kanela Breakfast Club in Lakeviews, Phil, a third party with whom Peter and Kayla had a mutual connection, arranged for them to go on a date. Sia is the name of at least one of their progeny. It is said that Chis’s sibling has given him a lot of inspiration during his entrepreneurial journey. According to legend, one of the best ways to inspire oneself to succeed is to have siblings in one’s life.

Christos Lardakis Net Worth

Chicago, which is in the state of Illinois, is where Christos Lardakis was born. Chris Lardakis’s mother’s name is Sia Lardakis, and his father’s name is George K. Lardakis. Panagiotis Lardakis and Dora Drake are the two siblings. Panagiotis Drake is his other sibling. Chris, Christos recently paid a visit to the Greek island of Mykonos while Shaina was there.

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