Did Alan Chen And Chriselle Lim Divorce? Why Did She Divorce?

Chriselle Lim Divorce: For many people, the fascinating aspect of a celebrity is their romantic relationships. That’s why they’re eager to discover specifics about their life’s trajectory. Chriselle Lim’s divorce will teach you that fans are interested in the whereabouts and doings of any prominent pair, whether they are together or not. This ensures that scientists never settle.

When we talk about famous people, especially those in the entertainment industry, we know that we are discussing those the entire planet looks up to. Both sexes aspire to the charisma of Hollywood’s leading men and ladies. Because of this, they pay close attention to every facet of their lives, leaving nothing to chance. In this post, you will learn all the details of the famous Chriselle Lim divorce.

Who Is Chriselle Lim?

Chriselle Lim was born in Texas on April 10, 1985. However, she is of Korean descent. Chriselle Lim So-Jung, or Christie Sojung Lim, is another name for her. As a kid, the four years she spent in Seoul, South Korea were some of her most formative years. Lim has solid business sense and a background in fashion design and merchandising.

It was her mother’s career choice, so she followed suit. Lim, an Asian entrepreneur who rose to prominence as a YouTube star and digital influencer, maintains active profiles across multiple platforms from which she promotes her brand and sells her wares. Most people recognize Lim through the website of the company she founded in 2011, titled The Chriselle Factor.

She updates her fans on her life as a mom, wife, and fashionista (she even has a website dedicated to Korean beauty!). Lim’s bobby pins, sunglasses, scarves, handbags, gowns, and shoes are all designer pieces that can be “shopped the look” at Prada, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and other places.

Missing Person by Phlur, Lim’s debut fragrance, was released in March this year. Various sources say Lim is worth between $1 million and $5 million. See more of her photos on Instagram. As of April 13th, 2022, she has amassed a following of almost 1.4 million individuals.

How Did Chriselle Lim Became Famous?

Chrisley Lim Divorce
Chrisley Lim Divorce

Kim Chriselle Lim (also known as Chriselle Lim So-Jung and Christie Sojung Lim) was born in Texas on April 10, 1985. She spent four years in Seoul, South Korea in early childhood. Lim followed her mother’s footsteps in the fashion industry by obtaining a business degree in fashion design and marketing.

Lim, an Asian entrepreneur who rose to prominence as a YouTube sensation and digital industry powerhouse, maintains active profiles across multiple platforms from which she promotes her business and brand. Most people recognize Lim’s 2011 startup and accompanying website, The Chriselle Factor.

She shares advice with her followers on various topics, including style, makeup (she runs a Korean Beauty page), parenting, and travel. They may “shop the look” by clicking on the modeled bobby pins, sunglasses, scarves, handbags, dresses, and shoes to be taken directly to the corresponding pages at Prada, Sax Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and other participating retailers.

Lim introduced her debut perfume, Missing Person by Phlur, in March of this year. Some sources claim that Lim has a net worth of “$1M to $5M.” Find her on Instagram and have a look. As of 13 April 2022, she has amassed 1.4 million fans.

Did Alan Chen And Chriselle Lim Divorce?

Chriselle Lim divorced their husband, Allen Chen, in Los Angeles, California, in the spring of 2021. Amazingly, Allen Chen has managed to avoid the spotlight, focusing on his soon-to-be ex-wife. Aside from the fact that he and Lim met through familiar friends in 2008, not much else is known about Chen.

On August 8, 2012, the happy couple exchanged vows. At the beginning of 2021, Lim and Chen ended their relationship. Lim currently has custody of their two girls, and they all reside in her Los Angeles, California, home.

Why Did Chriselle Lim And Allen Chen Divorce?

On July 26, the court temporarily granted the parents custody of their child. (Agreement and Order Regarding Temporary Custody) A judge decided on child support, spousal support, and who would pay the attorney’s expenses on August 13. On October 26th, the court commissioner was selected.

However, the extent of the marital estate and the distribution of assets and debts are still unknown, even though the parties have disclosed their financial information through a declaration of income and expenses. Did they have a legally binding contract before they got married? A property settlement might substantially divide their assets if they didn’t.

There is evidence that Lim launched her website in 2011 and that she tied the knot the following year. Lim’s spouse Chen was there at the beginning of her firm, so he likely shares in the success.

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