Jose Uriel Campos Garcia Dead: Truth Or Hoax?


Reality TV star Jose Uriel Campos Garcia is. Millions of people have been interested in him because of his role in the Netflix series. Is he the show’s victor? You’ll have to watch “Too Hot To Handle: Latino” on Netflix to discover out.

Who Is Jose Uriel Campos Garcia From Too Hot To Handle?

One of the contestants on the reality TV program Too Hot To Handle is Jose Uriel Campos Garcia. He is a model and a bodybuilder, in addition to being an actor. All Latin American and Spanish singles competing in the shows must forgo temptation. The winner will get a $1,000,000 prize.

Jose Uriel Campos Garcia, also known as Joel, Clovis, Jessica, Carolina, Israel, Dadvian, Lilian, Manuela, Dahiana, and Nick are all from Mexico, while Zaira, Nico, Locho, and Flor are from Argentina, Manuela, Dahiana, and Dahiana are all from Colombia, and Israel, Davian, and Lilian are all from Mexico. Additionally, Itato Cantoral, an actress, serves as the show’s narrator.

He revealed that he is looking for someone with a similar personality to himself. Only time will tell whether their connection will continue after he spends time on the retreat with the insane women. Nothing further is known about him save what he said on the broadcast, not even his age or his family’s composition.

Is Jose Uriel Campos Garcia Dead? Truth We Know

Jose Uriel Campos Garcia isn’t gone. His death has been the subject of wildfire-like rumors. There is, however, no basis for it. Just a death scam. Fans have even commented on his Instagram pictures asking about his death. Several even left ‘RIP’ comments on his most recent post.

Jose Uriel Campos Garcia
Jose Uriel Campos Garcia

Although we are unaware of the rumors’ source, we know that Jose is alive and well. Jose frequently posts to his Instagram account; his most recent post was made 11 hours ago.

What Is Jose Uriel Campos Garcia’s Age?

The age of Jose Uriel Campos Garcia is in the range of 25 and 30. We formed this assumption based on his photographs because his precise birth information has not been made public online.

Although we are unsure of his exact age, we know he is a Leo according to the zodiac. The information above indicates that his birthday is between July 23 and August 22. The Leo zodiac sign is characterized by talent, assurance, compassion, and drive. Jose likewise possesses each of the traits.

Jose Uriel Campos Garcia Wiki And Job

Jose Uriel Campos Garcia has not yet been listed on Wikipedia’s official pages. But we can locate him on Instagram. He uses the handle @joelrojosas to participate on social media.

Joe’s following has increased due to his appearance on the Netflix series. Additionally, he already has 21.2k followers on his Instagram account.

Regarding Jose’s profession, he is both an actor and a model. His photos give the impression that he enjoys working out. Jose has won the hearts of countless individuals with his endearing grin and physically fit figure. Sadly, Joey doesn’t appear to be active on LinkedIn. There are numerous LinkedIn accounts online with the name “Jose Uriel Campos Garcia,” but none seem to be his.

Garcia further disclosed that he is the sole parent of his daughter, who is two years old. Garcia currently resides in Hollywood, California, but his hometown is Mexico City. Garcia expressed enthusiasm about the prospect of future collaboration.

The rumors are simply frauds about phony deaths, we may assume. Jose Uriel Campos Garcia’s Instagram handle is Joel Rojosas. On Instagram, where he displays his muscular physique, he has a large following of 21.1k users. He has a beautiful face and a fantastic figure, he is also a very devoted and caring father to his daughter, who is two years old.

He didn’t think twice about getting down and dirty throughout the competition to carry home the prize money. However, his acting prowess is what has garnered him such high praise. Additionally, he loves to dance.

Jose Uriel Campos Garcia Height & Weight

He is a lovely man with the ideal height of 5 feet 11 inches, or 180 centimeters. Her healthy body weight is 172 pounds or 78 kilograms. He has a typical body type. His other body measurement has not yet been made public. Brownish hair and black eyes are both features of his face. Overall, he is in good physical shape and has a beautiful personality.


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