Swimply Net Worth
Swimply Net Worth

What Is Swimply Net Worth In 2022? Who Is The Owner?

Users can hire pools through the internet marketing platform called Swimply. Using Swimply, people may either reserve a collection for a short staycation with friends or family or rent their new pools to strangers. The pool’s owner will get hourly pay for its use.

You can hire or reserve a pool for your requirements using Swimply’s official app for Android and iOS or the company’s website. Currently, Australia, Canada, and the United States can buy Swimply.


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 Asher Weinberger and Bunim Laskin founded Swimply. Swimply was Laskin’s idea, but when Weinberger joined, it developed into a full-fledged plan. Like their business, Laskin and Weinberger had an unusual first encounter. At an event for business owners in New York City, the two met and hit it off. Weinberger liked Laskin’s idea of renting pools, and one of the most creative businesses of the late 2010s was formed. When they first met, Weinberger was only 35 years old, and Laskin was only 24.

What Is Swimply?

Swimply Net Worth
Swimply Net Worth

Swimply is a marketplace where hosts can rent out their pools to users hourly. While pool owners profit significantly from their new pools, it enables non-pool owners to afford the pleasure of a swimming pool. Consequently, people can book private swimming pools online. Swimming pools are available for hourly rental from homes to individuals and groups. Swimply is presently active in Australia, Canada, and the United States. Swimply’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million in 2022.

A new pool rental software called Swimply makes it simple for users to look for and hire pools in their area. The software is simple to use and offers access to various pools, including both public and private ones. The swim club or gym that owns the pool also offers reduced prices to its members.

Who Is Swimply’s Owner?

When Bunim Laskin was 20 years old, he initially had the idea after seeing a neighbor’s new pool. He contributed to pool upkeep by renting out their pool. After recognizing economic prospects, Bunim introduced Swimply in the summer of 2018. He started using Google Earth satellite photos to look for swimming pools nearby.

Pre-seed money was provided more than $1 million when the company started. Swimply swiftly amassed more than 30 pools and 400 reservations after being life, and Laskin soon made an appearance on MSNBC.

Swimply Net Worth
Swimply Net Worth

Later this year, he decided to leave college to concentrate on his business. In November 2019, Swimply launched on the Australian market. Serial entrepreneur and Shark Tank alumnus Bunim Laskin pitched an investment proposition on a Shark Tank episode that aired on March 13, 2020.

The potential was establishing a business that would control commercial contracts using blockchain technology. Although Laskin’s firm had recently raised $500,000 from investors, there was still more to be done. During the presentation, he displayed the prototype product for his company to strengthen his case further.

The project had been in development for over two years, and Laskin’s team was now ready to unveil it. They demonstrated how they could trace which agreements were being formed and who was in charge of each step of the contract negotiation process using the blockchain system. Intrigued, the investors decided to contribute $10 million to the firm.

What Is Swimply Net Worth In 2022?

Swimply has a $10 million net worth. Swimply links homeowners with individuals who wish to get together in their backyards for socializing, relaxing, or exercising. Depending on the amenities, renting a pool might cost between $45 and $65 per hour. Making a Marketplace where hosts can sell unused assets is not a novel idea. Airbnb is maybe the best illustration of how effective that strategy is.


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 As a result, GGV Capital, one of Airbnb’s most prominent investors, is currently investing in a different business like it. Instead of listing properties on the market, Swimply advised connecting pool owners with people who want private access to them. Everything has gone smoothly thus far. Only seven months after announcing a $10 million financing round, the company has just secured $40 million in a round-headed by Mayfield.

Among the investors are Nate Blecharczyk, a co-founder of Airbnb; Casey Winters, a former executive at Pinterest and Grubhub; Brad Bao, a co-founder of Lime; Rob Chestnut, a former executive at Airbnb and eBay; Fidji Simo, the CEO of Instacart, and Alvin Salehi of Shef. Trust Ventures and Norwest are now partners.

His Objective Is To Increase Democracy In Recreational Ownership

He intends to democratize recreational ownership and enable hosts to share unused public resources, starting with swimming pools. “I’m eager to work with Swimply and promote equality around the globe for the good of all.

” Chaddha was drawn in by the market opportunity and the entrepreneurs’ ambitious goals. “We estimate the market is substantially bigger than swimming pools, which is a $52 billion business,” he said to TechCrunch.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Swimply

Q. What Was Swimply’s Income?

Swimply, a swim training software created in 2018 by CEO and co-founder Bunim Laskin, is gaining interest from venture capitalists as it approaches its year anniversary. According to Laskin, the app has already made $1 million in revenue and is expected to do the same in 2020. According to Laskin, who calculates that the average host earns $150 a day, Swimply’s hosts have the potential to earn large sums of money.

Q. How Long Has Swimply Been Around?

A business known as Swimply likes to refer to itself as Airbnb for swimming pools. People can use it to locate and reserve pools all over the world. The business was established in 2018 and expanded to over 20 nations. According to the company, one of the significant resources for pool users, it has over 20,000 pools available on its website in all 50 states, Australia, and Canada.

Swimply offers consumers a thorough search engine to locate swimming pools nearby. Pool owners can advertise whether their spaces are available for personal or public use. Customers can then filter listings by location, pool type (indoor or outdoor), and the time frame that interests them. Along with kind (private or public), size (small, medium, or big), facilities (fountains, slides, water playgrounds), and pricing, swimming pools are also listed.

Q. How Do Users Get Paid By Swimply?

Swimply is a brand-new online reservation system that uses Stripe to link hosts and guests. You don’t have to register for an account or make a profile to use Swimply. Instead, all you need is an internet connection and a Stripe account. By integrating their pool’s Stripe account, swimming pools may now quickly accept reservations through Swimply. In this way, visitors may conveniently book and pay for swimming lessons from the convenience of their own homes. Never before has swimming with pals been so simple!

Q. How Many Downloads Does Swimply Have?

A new swimming pool locator software called Swimply was released 13 months after its predecessor. Two hundred thousand people have downloaded the app, and 6,000 pools have been listed. The app’s founder Janelle Weinbrenner attributes the current success to its emphasis on user-friendliness and simplicity.

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