Los Dos Carnales Wikipedia: How Did He Start His Career?


Los Dos Carnales Wikipedia: There are numerous references to Los Dos Carnales on other Wikipedia pages, but the band still doesn’t have its own. Details about the famous band’s lineup are provided below. Alfonso “Poncho” Pena, a singer and bajo quinto guitarist, and Imanol “Chuy” Quezada, an accordionist and harmony singer, make up the Mexican band Los Dos Carnales.

Armando Hernández plays bass for the band, and Kevin Montemayor plays drums. He turned the coin, El corrido de El Fantasma, El himself, etc., are just a few of their many well-known songs. Their music is a straightforward traditional take on corridos, banda, and romantics, and they’re from San Pedro, in the state of Coahuila, in northeastern Mexico.

In Mexico, they gained support after releasing their debut studio album, Te Lo Dije. In addition, Los Dos Carnales started in the industry at a tender age. Formerly, their music was featured in clown acts. Even Poncho and Imanol Quezada were once just a pair. Since they were young, they shared a common interest in music and began playing instruments together.

Los Dos Carnales Wikipedia

The four-piece country band Los Dos Carnales has released many fan-favorite tracks. While information about that group can be found elsewhere online, Wikipedia isn’t one of them. Furthermore, they started making music early and were forced to act as clowns. Los Dos Carnales became widely known after their debut live album’s release (2018).

El Silencio de Durango, Vida advantageous, Tristes Christmases, and Black bows are just a few of the many singles the band has put out. They went on a tour of the southwestern United States and Mexico in 2020.

Details On Los Dos Carnales Member’s Family

The Quezada siblings, Imanol and Poncho, come from distinguished ancestry. Two parents welcomed four children into the world. Neely Quezada has four older brothers and sisters. There has been no open discussion of the pair’s respective families. We’re still digging into the connected topic and will let you know when we have more information to share with you.

How Much Is Los Dos Carnales Net Worth?

Los Dos Carnales Wikipedia
Los Dos Carnales Wikipedia

The wealth of Los Dos Carnales is estimated to be over a million dollars. They have not disclosed any information regarding their income, so the exact sum is still being considered. Meanwhile, they expect to make between $99.1k and $1.6m a year from their channel on YouTube. Perhaps they are earning a respectable sum thanks to their musical endeavors.

How Did Los Dos Carnales Start His Career?

In 2018, Los Dos Carnales released their first digital and social media single, “Puro Dos.” The band then released their second album, Te Lo Dije, independently. The album’s title track featured a duet between Diaz and fellow Uruguayan music legend Luciano. El Fantasma has taken notice of the album (Mexican regional singer and songwriter Alexander Garcia).

He messaged them on Instagram, proposing a re-recording of their corrido “El Envidioso” as a collaborative effort. He also spread the word about the band to the people at his company, Afinarte Music. With only his word, the quintet was contracted despite their music’s expanding popularity and their increasing success in the realms of video and streaming.

Following the release of their live album En Vivo with Banda y Norteno at the end of the year, the label sent the band on the road for their subsequent album, En Vivo Desde Las Cars. It received great buzz on various social media platforms at the start of 2019. A few months later, Los Dos Carnales returned to the studio to record the EP Dio Vuelta la Moneda.

As a token of their appreciation, they included the song “El Corrido de El Fantasma.” Following that, Los Dos Carnales recorded a few of El Fantasma’s songs and went on tour with him. The band returned to the studio when Afinarte Music noticed their videos had millions of views.


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Late in 2019, the eight-song Somos Arrieros was released to widespread critical acclaim; reviewers praised the group for remaining true to classic corrido traditions despite the success of the more experimental alternative corrido trend. The set’s breakout streaming song “Vida Ventajos” also featured El Fantasma.

Towards the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, Los Dos Carnales toured Mexico and the southwestern United States. In time to avoid the COVID-19 epidemic, they turned off the road. In July, the band returned to the recording studio to release their full-length Al Estilo Ranchero. It was their first chart appearance and they debuted at #2 on the Mexican Regional Albums chart.


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