Is Shut The Kale Up Divorcing? What Is The Reason For Jeannette And Aj Ogden’s Divorce?

Shut The Kale Up Divorce: Nowadays, information about Shut the Kale Up’s divorce has been spreading around the internet. You are correct, as you suspected, that there are reports on social networking sites that Shut the Kale Up is divorcing. Regarding her divorce, there hasn’t been any affirmation made, though.

Her fans are worried about her and have frequently reacted to the news of her divorce since it became public knowledge. They want to know exactly what happened when she decided to interrupt. Some people want to know if the information is accurate or if it’s just a rumor. You will get all the info here on the accuracy of the knowledge.

The rumor that Shut the Kale Up star Jeannette Ogden is divorced is on social media. Let’s check to see if the stories are true and if the news is accurate.

Who Is Jeannette Ogden?

Jeannette Ogden is an enthusiastic mother, blogger, Instagram influencer, and health fanatic. On August 25, 1988, Jeanette Ogden was born in California. She is a professional health blogger.

Shut The Kale Up Divorce
Shut The Kale Up Divorce

Her blog website is called “Shut The Kale Up,” and it features regular postings about nutritious food, health advice, fitness, and workouts. She also covers blogs on popular subjects, such as Mother’s Day inspiration. She emphasizes the value of leading a healthy lifestyle through her blog posts. She is a trained yoga teacher, in addition to being a professional blogger.

Yoga, according to Jeannette Ogden, “helped me realize my inner self.” Following her rise to fame in the blogging world thanks to her well-known health site, Jeannette Ogden developed into a social media influencer who encourages people to pursue healthy lives.

The blogger offers some insightful guidance, saying she never chose to use high-end cameras, demanding editing programs, or pricey equipment to develop a successful business. She remained true to her goal of developing organically while highlighting her content. She enjoys responding to her followers’ direct messages (DMs) with health advice, cooking suggestions, and workout programs. She claims that it has helped her in building a sizable community.

Who Is AJ Ogden?

AJ Ogden, the husband of Jeannette Aranda, helps his wife maintain her Instagram brand.

There isn’t much information accessible about her husband, and he may prefer to avoid the spotlight because his wife’s career necessitates using social media more than he does.

At a church, Jeannette and AJ met, she pursued him, and they soon became close before getting married. They have repeatedly differed on how to raise their children. She didn’t support his decision to join a Christian band that required regular travel, and he disliked the notion that she had any power over him.

Is Shut The Kale Up Divorcing?

Speculation about Jeannette Ogden, aka Shut the Kale Up, getting divorced is rife on social media. The reports, however, cannot be verified because she has been silent regarding the divorce or how miserable her relationship with her husband AJ is.

On the other hand, her Instagram makes it quite evident that she doesn’t have any photos of herself with her spouse. The rumors that the couple is no longer together might be accurate. Jeannette’s Instagram says she no longer shares pictures of herself with her husband AJ and her kids. She removed any images of AJ Ogden, her husband.


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When Did Aj Ogden File His Divorce Petition Against Jeannette Ogden In A Family Court?

Aaron Ogden allegedly filed a Family-Marriage Dissolution/Divorce lawsuit against Jeannette Ogden on May 25, 2022, according to UniCourt. The Lamoreaux Justice Center in Orange, California, is home to the Orange County Superior Courts, where this complaint was filed. The case’s status is Unclassified By Court.

Two sons, whose images may be found on Jeannette’s profile, are hers. Elliott and Cole are the names of her boys.

What Is The Reason For Jeannette And Aj Ogden’s Divorce?

Their disagreements on child rearing were another factor in the dissolution of her marriage to Aj Ogden. Aj never favored Jeannette introducing her children to screens at a young age. He didn’t appreciate how she consistently portrayed them in her posts and clips.


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 Her supporters and following were not surprised by their divorce because their growing discord had been visible for the previous two years. They were also unsurprised because Aj and Jeannette had a tumultuous relationship and a contentious marriage from the beginning.

Recently, Jeannette didn’t address the allegations or, if she did, she bothered to put an end to them before Aj formally filed for divorce. In 2020, she disclosed that she and her spouse were going to therapy. She casually answered questions from fans in June of last year, under a post on Elliot’s graduation, asking where Aj was. After that, she either deleted the inquiries and remarks about her romantic life or didn’t respond to them. After Aj officially filed for divorce, she erased all the posts and stories that mentioned AJ.

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