Who Is Yasmine Al-Bustami Partner? Where Was She Born And Raised?

Yasmine Al-Bustami Partner: Some people on Twitter say that Yasmine Al-Bustami is gay, but they don’t know for sure. Let’s talk about the sexuality of the NCIS: Hawaii cast and find out who her partner is. Emirati actress Yasmine Al-Bustami lives in the United States at the moment. Fans know her from her part in The Originals on The CW.

The beautiful actress was born in Abu Dhabi, but her family moved to Texas when she was three. Even though she grew up in a mixed family, she thinks of herself as an all-American girl. After getting a degree in finance, she decided to work in entertainment and went to school in Chicago, Illinois, to get more training.

Where Was She Born And Raised?

Yasmine Al Bustami was born in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, but she moved to America for her career. She is a citizen of both countries. She hasn’t said how old she is, but we can guess she will be between 25 and 30 in 2021. We don’t know where she grew up, for sure. Her exact date of birth is also not known.

We don’t know much about her because she dislikes talking about herself. We don’t know where she went to school in high school. She has also said nothing about her family or her brothers and sisters. She keeps to herself a lot. We don’t know where she went to college or what subject she studied in depth.

How Did She Start Her Career?

Yasmine Al-Bustami Partner
Yasmine Al-Bustami Partner

Yasmine Al Bustami is a citizen of the United States and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). She is an Emirati-American actress who is very well-known. The CW TV show “The Originals” is one of her most notable roles as an actress. A lot of people watched and watched the show. She became an actress in 2013, and her first show, “The Originals,” brought her all the attention and fame she has now.

In her first show, Monique Deveraux, she played the wrong person. Then, in 2014, she did the third season of “Nashville.” Her love of TV shows is irreplaceable, as she did season 4 of the show “Switched at Birth” again in 2015.

Is Yasmine Al-Bustami Gay?

In real life, Yasmine Al-Bustami is not gay. She has a straight sexual orientation and is a cisgender woman. People might have thought she was gay because of her role in a movie. But she is a straight woman and hasn’t said that she’s gay yet.

People may think she is gay because she hasn’t said much about her relationship status. But this doesn’t mean she isn’t straight. Yasmine is a fantastic woman with a great heart; watching her in The Chosen and other movies she’s been to is a joy.

How Tall Is Yasmine Al-Bustami?

People want to know Yasmine Al-height Bustami’s body measurements because she looks slightly shorter than her co-stars. The actress is 5 feet 3 inches tall. You can’t find anything else about her on her Wikipedia page, like how much she weighs.

She isn’t very tall, and when she’s on-screen with other actors, you can sometimes tell how tall she is. Yasmine is a beautiful American actress who has done much more than just her role in NCIS: Hawaii, which premiered in September 2021.

Who Is Yasmine Al-Bustami Partner?

Yasmine Al-Bustami does not have a partner at the moment. As of this date, she is not married. Yasmine doesn’t seem to be with anyone known to the public right now. If she sees someone, she doesn’t talk much about their relationship.


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Some famous people don’t want the rest of the world to know about their private lives, and she may be one of them. If you quickly look at her Twitter feed, YouTube channel, and Instagram profile, you won’t find much about a possible partner. If you think this is interesting, please share it. Go to Newswatchlist.com to learn more.

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